Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stack Rundown, 11/24/2012

Slim week for this post, as most of the titles I read were Gotham related, and a lot of my standard Image titles seem to be on some pretty loose shipping schedules. Nevertheless, let's do this.

Justice League #14

Once again, Batman be creeping! But moving on from Bruce getting his super jollys by watching, this was the finale of the short lived Cheetah arc, and with it we got two major notable points with it. First, expanding upon the Superman Wonder Woman romance (and Batman creeping, seriously, where the hell was that camera!?) and more implications of an Injustice League, or whatever the hell you'd like to call a big group of Super-villians in the New 52. Over all, I thought this arc was pretty alright. The issue I'm having with this series is that it seems it is REALLY stalling until Trinity War. Nothing crazy as shit is happening yet, like in Johns' Green Lantern, it's just taking it's sweet time setting up whatever the hell Trinity War is, but it's just taking for-god-dam-ever. I just want there to be a big "oh shit!" moment, but there hasn't been one in a while, if not, ever. What we're getting is entertaining, but a little over a year in, it seems decompressed, even for Johns. Maybe it's because we had half a year set in the past, so realistically, this is essentially issue #8, but man... something big needs to happen in a bad way.

Wonder Woman #14

Speaking of Wonder Woman, sort of... the amount of interlocking stories going on through this one title is pretty crazy. You have Wonder Woman's quest to retrieve Zola's child, the ever standing prophecy of a child of Zeus killing another on Mt. Olympus, whoever this Firstborn naked dude is, and now you've got Orion and Highfather of the New Gods making appearances. I have no idea what's going on, but it's pretty damn cool, I'll tell you that! There's a lot going on in this book, that's for sure, but it's not hard to keep track of, and just feels like a modern day Greek epic. The only thing I thought took away from this issue was the fact that Tony Akins just did layouts, and the two finishers weren't all that up to par... all in all, what I'm trying to say is, I always miss Cliff Chiang's art on those three or four month gaps where he's not drawing.

Sword of Sorcery #2

This book continues to be awesome. It really is Game of Thrones-lite, and that's fine by me. Lady of this house didn't want to marry Lord of that house, and ran off with a different Lord, making that first one hold a grudge. Family trying to kill each other. Dude who just sleeps with any woman he wants. Yeah, SUPER Game of Thronesy. But in terms of the New 52, this is a book that is truly uinique. The only thing I wonder is if we'll ever see Amethyst return to earth in this title, like we're seeing in Justice League Dark, I'd think a tie to the DCU proper could be interesting. And I just looked at the solicits for issue #4, never mind. Speaking of the tying into the DCU, wasn't the Beowulf story supposed to do that in some way? I know solicits say that there will be some reveals of the sort, but with what, 8 pages left in this story, I feel as if anything revealed could fall flat. I would have liked to see some hints dropped here and there, rather than some fans just believing that this Beowulf is Deathstroke or Magog.

Revival #5

I think everything in this title is starting to click. The first four issues I got a general idea of what was happening, but not the actual point of the book. Martha was killed/died at some point, after having an affair with a Professor, that's how she found out she was a reviver, and then there's the whole mystery with revivers in the first place. I think I got it! The "problem" with a bunch of Image titles is that, if you're a big super hero comic reader, like myself, it can be a little hard for a book like this to get its hooks into you. Where as a new Batman comic, there's that crutch of "it's a fucking Batman book, you know what to generally expect," there isn't a crutch for a book like Revival, everything is new, and if you don't pay attention to it more, some things can get lost. So yeah, after a tradesworth of material, I think I'm getting it. Also, now that I work on Wednesdays, I don't read all my titles at once, so I can space things out a little more. That should help.

The Darkness #108

Alright, now we're getting somewhere. The ramifications of Jackie screwing around with the universe are starting to come through, thus why we have this bad guy who predates the darkness, and his knowing that Jenny is at the center of everything Jackie did. If you've read my thoughts on any issue of The Darkness, or any Top Cow title in general, you'll know that this is what I've been waiting for, the shit hitting the fan and everything going crazy. This seems to be the very beginning of it, Jackie is coming to terms that shit is going crazy, and others are slowly beginning to realize that he did something to alter reality. Reading into solitics of this title, Witchblade, and Artifacts, it seems as if 2013 is going to be a crazy year for the Top Cow universe, and I'm really curious to see how it all ends up.

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  1. OH! I finally remembered what Batman in Justice League remembered me of - Doakes, of the "Dexter" Tv series and his "I'm watching you, mother****er."