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Stack Rundown, 11/17/2012

Where I didn't have any independent books to talk about last week, this week, all but two were either from Image or Vertigo. Spoiler alert, I get to use the term "festering ball sack" in this post... there's a first time for everything!

The Phantom Stranger #2

Oh, Phantom Stranger, I can't decided if I'm just casually enjoying you for what you are, or if I've just set my bar that low. This book just continues on it's path of the Stranger getting into spooky situations or whatever. So far we've got Spectre, Raven, Trigon, Pandora, Terry 13 and the Haunted Highwayman from All Star Western. At the end of the day, it's just like "alright?" if you don't care all that much, but if you wanted to be super critical of this book, it is very possible. I just feel as if it's stalling for something, waiting for it to tie into the big show, whenever Pandora and her story really gets going. Take for instance here, first Stranger talks with Pandora, then he talks with Trigon's son, then Terry 13, Haunted Highwayman shows up and attacks him instead, then the human host of Spectre is out looking for him. Alright, so what the fuck actually happened in here, other than a random occurrence of events? Like I said... I'm eh, on this book. For what it is, I think it's alright, but again... could be so much better.

Team 7 #2

So, this book continues to be fun and essentially what Blackhawks should have been. It's tying into the whole Black Diamond thing through out the ages of the DCU, and while that's fine, I'm looking forward to seeing what Justin Jordan does with these characters when he's more on his own, so to speak. I'm ready to see the relationships between these characters start to grow, crack, stress, whatever. It's a weird thing to think, but above all else, the thing I'm most interested in is the end game, what happens that completely fucks up the team? But who knows what that'll be. The one problem I'm having with the series, that continues on in this issue, is the art... it's just "meh." It had some fill in this issue, but it didn't help. Over all I just don't think it is very visually distinctive.

Punk Rock Jesus #5

I'm happy to say, this issue avoided what I was fearing by the end of issue #4, and that was Chris becoming one of those annoying "we get it, already" punk clich├ęs. I felt in this issue, Murphy was able to have Chris come off more genuine, rather than preachy and obnoxious, and the direction the story is taking towards it's conclusion is getting more and more interesting. Peppered through out this issue are a number of smaller personal scenes that really helped fill it out, most notably the one between Slade (head of J2) and Dr. Epstien, who cloned Chris. Having the Flak Jackets go to Jerusalem in the final issue is a plot point that will certainly allow for some predictions as to what will happen, but honestly, I'm fully expecting for some crazy shit to go down in the finale. This series has gone by quick, but nevertheless, has been a grade read from page 1.

Thief of Thieves #10

I'll echo what I said last time about this book, I really like it, but man I feel it would read WAY better in trade. That's honestly all I have to say.

Saga #7

Festering ball sack! WAIT! No! Too early! Anyways, Saga is back after what... two months? With it comes baby mama drama, intergalactic space travel, and festering ball sacks! There we go. No really, that image over there is pretty gross, and the reason why I didn't read this issue on the train home from work. I want to see the script page that had that description on it. Anyways, it seems as if this arc will center around the inlaws, as Marko's fanatic parents have stepped into their son's life, and his mother at least, doesn't seem to be happy in Marko's choice of wife (her species). The great thing about this book is that you don't really know what you're going to get from month to month. You can get this big sci-fi epic, or you can get the intergalactic Meet the Parents, either way, it's entertaining as all hell, the dialogue is fantastic, and the art (festering ball sack aside) is gorgeous to look at. If there's one Image book that is a must read, it's Saga.

Invincible #97

This was sort of a breather issue, and very reminiscent of issues early on in the series, when there wasn't a billion crazy things happening all at once. We got the origin of Bulletproof, which goes to shit really quickly, and by "goes to shit" I mean, dude's girlfriend kills his mom, and then he kills his dad. The kicker is how hilariously quick the aftermath is dealt with, a single textless page where he puts his parents in a car, throws them off a cliff, then has a funeral. Black humor at it's best... Then there's one of those scenes where Mark goes to a comic convention and talks to the creator of Science Dog... things get a bit meta here, as Mark brings up the fact that Science Dog #100 had like 15 covers, and due to completionists, thats why sales were so high. Now, I don't think I have to point out that this is Kirkman talking about himself in regards to Walking Dead #100... but does the fact that he's talking about himself make it even more meta? I went through that endless circle of though a couple of glasses of Jameson ago... didn't get anywhere. Oh, and Mark gets his powers back in the middle of sex, hooray!

Hack/Slash #20

And Hack/Slash continues to catch up after the summer drought. Tim Seeley is back writing the title, as "Final" begins. While not a whole lot happened in this issue on the surface, it was one of the more deeply personal ones, and ended up being one of my favorites in a long time. Here, Cassie finds out for sure that she's got active slasher blood in her system, and in a promise she made to herself, tries to kill herself (via dynamite) in order to make it so she never comes back as a Slasher. Prior to this, she and Vlad had a blow up about just what their relationship was, and because of that, when Vlad prevents her from blowing herself up, it seems as if that big question mark has started to get ironed out a bit. These types of issues is honestly why I'm a big fan of the series. On the surface, one wouldn't expect a book starring a character wearing a bra, mini skirt, and fishnets, while killing a bunch of monsters and serial killers, to have such stories like this, but every now and then the book really manages to surprise in how touching the stories can be.

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