Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stack Rundown, 11/10/2012

Just the rest of my DC pull this week, none of my pulled Image titles came out, they all decided that next week was the week to all come out at once (seemingly). So, hit the jump for some thoughts on Rotworld, new GLs, and GRUNDY IN SPACE.

Swamp Thing #14

Do you not like the new version of the Teen Titans? Well have I got a book for you. What would you say if a giant swamp monster stepped on them? Because that's what you get here in Swamp Thing #14, as Alec Holland, Deadman and Poison Ivy all take on rot infected versions of Tim Drake, Superboy and Wonder Girl. After all is said and done, Swamp Thing and Deadman head off towards Gotham, as someone had been working on something to keep the Rot at bay. If I had to say I was disappointed in one thing within this book, it's that Poison Ivy stayed behind. Here's to hoping that Alec collects a few more allies, much like Buddy is doing in Animal Man. The real star of this book is Yanick Paquette's art, which is absolutely gorgeous, as always, but seeing Alec in this large dead world, creates a cool visual contrast between character and setting. There's some more stuff that I'm enjoying, but I'll address that in the next segment.

Animal Man #14

Do you not like any of the books Rob Liefeld has touched in The New 52? Well have I got a book for you! Deathstroke? Blasted away. Grifter? Head ripped off. Dove? Gutted. Hawk? Impaled. And for good measure, Hawkman was dealt with last issue. Great stuff... but anyways, what I'm loving in both Animal Man and Swamp Thing (more so in this title) is all the guest appearances, seeing all these fucked up or different versions of characters in the Rotworld setting. Yeah, there's some pretty interesting mystery as to what has happened with each character's loved ones, but I'm easy to please, give me some cameos and I'm happy!

Green Lantern #14

I think it's safe to say, I haven't been this into Geoff Johns' Green Latnern in a while. I've enjoyed it from start to present, but this shake up has really got me excited to read the title again. Here we see Baz meet the Justice League, and while it seems as if nothing bad is gonna happen, it quickly deteriorates, and goes to shit. Before all that goes down, we get some good snippy dialogue between Superman explaining GL rings only select new wearers when a past one dies, leaving Barry to say "I hope it was Gardner." Or Baz saying if there was one member he thinks he can take, it's Batman... again, cue Barry: "He's a Green Lantern alright." Thats the kind of banter I like from Geoff Johns' work. Aside for all that, he keeps pilling on the mystery, we had the First Lantern from the Annual, and now there's some cloaked figure in the realm where Sinestro and Barry are, who seems intent on punishing Sinestro for something, meanwhile the Third Army continues to spread. Lots of stuff going on in this title, and lots to look forward to.

Action Comics #14

Here's my thing with Action Comics. I love Grant Morrison's work, but at the same time, I'm not as into Superman as I am, say Batman. So, I'm kind of lost as to what the fuck is happening, but at the same time, I'm not? Let's put it this way, I have a general understanding of what is happening in the big picture, but I feel the same way as I did when I started reading Morrison, that gut feeling as if there's something going on I don't yet get. I haven't come to that realization that things aren't nearly as complicated as I am telling myself. I feel as if once all is said and done, and the whole run is out in trade, I'll be able to sit down one weekend, and really digest this all. Because as of now I see "Vyndktvx" and 5th dimension imps, and go "OH SHIT WHAT'S GOING ON!?!" That said, the back up was really pretty sad and tragic... hated that they didn't do the "We've got a bad ass over here" I MEAN COME ON!

Earth 2 #6

So, how do you deal with a force of death who destroys all living material? THROW HIS ASS TO THE MOON! Seriously, that's pretty awesome. Reminded me of what Batman did to Lord Death Man in the first volume of Batman Incorporated. So, with that, the first arc is over, and while I enjoyed it, I have to say, the final two pages sort of suck. Alan being all "Psh, I don't need you!" and leaves... left with a final page of two characters saying "What do we do now?" I HATE THAT! Never end a book like that, tease something at the end! It's almost some unintended meta commentary where the characters themselves are somewhat acknowledging the story is just ending abruptly... not as bad as issue #4 of Worlds' Finest though. Regardless, aside from those two pages, I really enjoyed the issue, and first arc. I'm in this book for the long haul, and with that, I've got to say I hope Nicola Scott is too. She has stepped up her game on this book to some career best work. While she deserves a break with the next two issues, I can't wait until she comes back.

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