Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SPOILERS: Suicide Squad #14

At Deadshot's funeral (he shot himself through the chest, to shoot Regulus last issue), Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and Amanda Waller, all stand at attention, as Deadshot receives his military style service... until the rain starts... green rain, knocking out all those at the funeral, except Harley, who seems to have an immunity to it. Whatever could that mean? Oh wait, I know! Puddin' is home!


While Harley is initially happy to see Joker, Mistah J isn't all that happen to see her. He knows what she's been up to, and someone has to pay for it. Captain Boomerang? Nah, Harley doesn't care about him. Waller? Not her either. But there's one person Harley does somewhat care for, and that's the deadman, Deadshot, and joker has no problem with desecration. Joker hits a nerve with Harley, who points at gun at him to get him to stop. Despite him knowing Harley won't pull the trigger, Joker offers her up a deal, do something for him, and he'll leave her new boyfriend alone.

Then there's a cut in time with Amanda haven woken up visiting all the incarcerated members of the Squad... that's not why I'm covering this, so, lets move on!

Having done what Joker asked (see Batman #13), Harley calls out to him, asking if they're set. But before she goes, Joker asks from the shadow who's "driving." Harley, or Dr. Harleen Quinzel? Harley tells him it's just good ol' her, but Joker doesn't quite believe her, as he soon puts Harley in a noose made out of heavy duty chain.


The Good:

The Harley and Joker dynamic has always been interesting, and fitting with Harley's interactions with Batman in that book, we can see it's pretty fucked up, which gives us a good gauge on where Joker's head is at the moment. Despite his over all messed up personality, Adam Glass still managed to put in a few twisted humor drops in there, notably when Joker talks about the stuff Captain Boomerang is into. On an artistic side, while you can't really compare Dagnino's Joker to Capullo's rendition of him, he does a good job of keeping that smile big and wide, which really escalates the creepiness.

The Bad:

The whole middle section. The book has done this before, have an issue where Amanda just checks in on all the Squad members. What's even worse about it this time is that it's taking away from the part I really care about. This issue was like half crossover, half standard stuff. I think if you're going to tie into the big crossover, I say go all in, let the other plot lines rest a bit, or don't devote the entire middle of the book to them.

The Bottom Line:

Aside from the opening scene, which I liked quite a bit, there's not a whole lot else going on in the book until the final two pages, which creates some "when did this actually happen?" contradictions if you think about it, but that's not really worth getting into. As said above, I wish this issue just dealt with "Death of the Family" and only that, rather than a little DoTF, then a repeat of issue #8. Hopefully the next issue is more focused on DoTF.



  1. While I did enjoy the beginning scene on many levels, as a Joker/Harley fangirl I was once again let down in terms of that relationship. They jumped into the abuse in what, the 4th frame? And then tried to set up a Harley/Deadshot romance endorsed by the Joker, which is not something that has been portrayed outside of a little nookie in one scene about 10 issues ago. *Sigh...* The thing is, for all the popularity of Harley Quinn and the Joker, outside of the cartoon there is very little portrayal of them together. Writers are always trying to move them to 'the next step' (read: Haley as a character NOT attached to the Joker) when there has been virtually NO portrayal of the FIRST step. Please, is it too much to ask to make them a couple BEFORE breaking them up? I wanna see them together. I wanna see Joker/Harley gettin' it on! Twilight ends tomorrow night, and god DAMN it, I'll need another source for my ridiculous romance obsessions!! How eff-ed up is it that I think that last panel, with Joker hanging Harley, might lead to some progress in their relationship? Com'on Glass, give us what Harley was MADE for!

  2. This issue was a definitely decompression issue and is understandable since what happened last issue but I do agree that it was too in between the regular story lines and DotF. But i do believe that next issue will be devoted to DotF