Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #14

So, Jason and the Outlaws are headed back to Earth on Starfire's ship, and all the sudden, there's a knock from outside and it's Superman. The three collectively decide "yo, fuck that guy" and decide to ignore him. When he doesn't go away, they just decide to teleport off the ship to Starfire's island, but Jaosn knows better, and sure enough, Superman is not far behind.

So, because they're kind of dumb, Jason and company decide it's best to attack Superman, because why not? They don't like him. As you would expect, things don't go well, and by that, I mean "don't go at all" for the Outlaws, as they literally do nothing to Superman. The attacks continue until Jason's sort of girlfriend Isabel points out that maybe they should just listen to what Superman has to say... brilliant!

So the whole thing is Superman references stuff that happened in the Annual where Helspont tried to recruit him, and he asks if Kori, being another alien was contacted, she was, and I don't get what the point is, quite honestly. MOVING ON! Superman says some stuff, scolds Jason a bit, reminding him he was once good, and instead of dragging them back to the states to answer for their crimes, he tells them that they've been vouched for (by Batman, surprise!).

So with that, team wraps up, and Roy flies Jason and Isabel back to Gotham, where they get cozy in Isabel's apartment. Once Jason gets out of the shower, he realizes something is wrong, and finds Isabel looking to have over dosed, on the floor. (Familiar? Read issue #0) While Jason tends to Isabel, paramedics and swat rush up to her apartment, meanwhile a weather man by the name of Jack Napier gets a bit personal while giving his broadcast. Jason begins to realize what's going on, and once he looks towards the TV, the weather man rips his mask off to reveal that it is in fact, Joker, but at the same time, the GCPD are storming the apartment.


The Good: 

The book maintains it's good sense of humor. The team's attempts to take down Superman, with his reaction to their attacks makes for some pretty good.

The Bad:

The whole plot pick up from the Helspot thing in the Annual? Yeah, don't care. I don't see the point, as it doesn't even seem Lobdell is dealing with it in his own book, with H'el on Earth taking care of Superman for the next few months, along with another event soon to follow it, apparently. Also, the art... some panels look good, some just look straight up derpy, mostly those that are close ups of faces. Better than what we've been getting, but it still contributes to the down right shame that is the drop in art quality this book has taken since Rocafort's departure.

The Bottom Line:

Like I said, humorous at times, but the bigger point of the issue was just lost on me. Saw the Joker stuff coming as soon as Jason and Isabel were left alone, but nevertheless, it's not really substantial enough to contribute anything to my opinion on the individual issue. I enjoyed this one more than I did the space arc overall, but it was still just "alright" at best for me.


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