Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Nightwing #14

So, lots of stuff on Dick Grayson's plate, Joker is back and Shiva is in town, and seeing as no one is dealing with her, he decides to look into it, while juggling his personal life with the circus and Sonia Zucco during the day, including telling a young acrobat that she'll be safe at the circus, despite the old acrobat being in jail (Raya).

Dick finds out that one of Shiva's victims was big into banking and the SEC, something Sonia too is involved with, so Dick takes precautions to make sure Sonia isn't put in harms way. While swinging through town, Dick seems to think that MAYBE Shiva and the Joker are connected, because... well, because. Doesn't matter, because Shiva eventually finds Dick and they start fighting, hooray!

Dick can barely hold his own against Shiva, whose target is indeed Sonia. Dick manages to deflect a thrown blade from Shiva, so it hits literally inches from Sonia's head, rather than in it, and the crowd around the SEC begin to freak out and scatter.

Dick still isn't a match for Shiva, who hits him where it hurts (his ribs, still broken from Paragon) and figuring he isn't fighting at full strength, Shiva backs off. Dick takes comfort in knowing he made Shiva miss her mark, but Shiva asks him "Did I?" as she leaves. With Shiva making her exit, Dick yells to her "WAS IT JOKER!?" in reference to who hired her...

No Dick, it wasn't, stupid. It was Penguin who hired Shiva, because he wanted the SEC closed or delayed or whatever. Sonia's death wasn't a requirement of the deal, just the disruption of the meetings. Penguin's man Ogilvy asks why Penguin tipped Dick off, and as Penguin put it, if Nightwing caught Shiva, would have saved him lots of money, if he got killed, one less Bat person to worry about.

MEANWHILE, in Blackgate, Raya gets a visitor, who asks her if she wants to hear a joke.


The Good:

It was competently told? Maybe?

The Bad:

What was the whole point of this, other to fill time? Inconsequential is what I'd call this (and the previous) issue. The art... not going to reiterate on that again. Dick's voice is just off, as well as hamfisted... and his "WAS IT THE JOKER!?" NO! No it's not the fucking Joker! It's dumb to think that anyone would make him think that.

The Bottom Line:

I'm glad these two issues are over, moving on!


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