Thursday, November 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #23-24

So, the basic summary of this story is as followed: There have been vicious animal attacks through out Gotham. Clues at the scene have traces of numerous different types of animals. Because Batman knows all, he decides to investigate a reported theft from a taxidermy collector, who has many animals that have been stitched together with another. This leads Batman to investigate the man who created these creatures.

Dude's name is Mr. Garfield, and Bruce disguises himself as a buyer when he goes to visit. Just seeing the smaller pieces Garfield made, Bruce asks if he can see the real collection, which agitates Garfield, who eventually kicks Bruce out.

Later that night, another attack happens, but this time, Batman is there to try and stop it. The animal is a fucking monstrosity, to put it lightly, and ends up killing a person, and injuring Bruce before it escapes.

Bruce has Alfred patch him up as they try and figure out where such a creature would be hiding in a densely populated area. Alfred points out an old abandoned school, and that's good enough idea to get Bruce to investigate it.

Sure enough, the school looks like a taxidermy nightmare from hell. Further inside, Bruce finds an ancient babylonian text that describes a pit that grants life. While investigating, Garfield walks in and tells him to put the jar Bruce is holding down. Bruce drops it, and once the glass shatters, the creature inside comes back to life. Bruce asks Garfield if he's developed a Lazarus pit, but Garfield claims he could never get it right, and created something better. More taking goes by, and Bruce is again attacked by the beast.

Bruce hits it with a tranq, which causes the beast to get a bit loopy. Garfield does the stupid thing and tries to approach it, then gets killed. Bruce then follows the beast back to it's lair as it passes out, and finds a second (dead) beast of the same species.

Bringing back both the live and dead one to the cave, Bruce explains to Alfred that Garfield had originally intended to sell them as a pair, but bonded with the female one. While the male never escaped, the female one found it's mate, and brought it back in an attempt to nurse it back to health. Bruce doesn't know what to do with the creature, either put it down or let it live, but for now decides to keep it in the cave.


So, this was alright. Good art, but the story didn't really do anything for me. It's one of those Legends stories where it's completely unique and just uses Batman, nothing else. To be honest, it's kind of hard for me to get invested into such a short story, when Batman is the only notable character. I mean, I've got PLENTY of Batman books to read. So, in the end, I thought it was just average.


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