Thursday, November 1, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #22

People are being kidnapped in Gotham, and in their place, wooden carvings of the victims are being left. It's a strange case that even Bruce Wayne can't figure out. Though he eventually finds men delivering the statues to a location, he finds that they're just hired hands, and know nothing of the kidnappings.

Later, at a social event held at Bruce's house, two swooning women come up to Bruce, as one tells Bruce that the other said the painting they're in front of is "crap." The second woman denies it, but the first goes on to tell Bruce how she defended the painting, saying it had inner meaning, and what not. Something about the case at hand then clicks inside of Bruce's head.

Prior to that night, Gotham PD had interviewed many of Gotham's artist population, and found nothing to be suspicious of, but Bruce went back through them, looking for the "meaning" IE, something other than a criminal background, and finds himself at the gallery of Benjamin Carver.

Some stuff happens here, some stuff happens there, and Bruce eventually falls through the floorboards, to Carver's workshop, with a gun pointed at him. Seems Carver's family was killed by the Black Mask, and turned into "wood" (coffins), now Carver wants them back, pointing out that Superheroes die left and right, but eventually come back. Bruce tells them that there's nothing he can do, and because he's dealing with a pretty regular dude, it doesn't take much to take him down.

As the police are hauling Carver away, Bruce notifies him that the police found all the victims, alive, in an underground bunker near his families graves. Carver asks Batman how he knew where to look, as Bruce tells him he knew the hostages would be kept at the site of his greatest pain, and that he's not the only one who has lost a family.



So, the standout of this issue? The art. DC hadn't announced any teams for this book beyond issue #21, so seeing Luthor Strode's Tradd Moore on this issue was quite the surprise. Moore brings this really exciting, exaggerated action style, and while there were know fists going through skulls, or crucifixions via knives, the art was still fast paced and really enjoyable. The story itself was quite honestly pretty take it or leave it. Nothing really wrong with it, but I do have to mention that it managed to feel like a full issues, rather than some of these issues really making it clear they're only ten full pages, so it had that going for it.

RATING: 4/5 

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