Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #14

Bruce Wayne's life is coming under attack, and Penguin isn't happy, as it's interrupting his glorious night of becoming Gotham's golden boy. Furious that Ogilvy wasn't able to call off the hit, Penguin is talked down, when Ogilvy suggests he takes advantage of the situation. A surprise umbrella blade to the back of the assassin, and the next morning's papers read that Penguin saved Bruce Wayne's life, and is all the rage now.

Bruce isn't too happy with the recent events, as he speaks with Damian (sans an Alfred) in the cave, feeling that above all else, Penguin disgraced the memory of his mother. Damian suggests just crashing the Iceberg Casino, but Bruce wants to make sure they take him down the right way, and may have a lead on it. Seems that a string of Gotham's largest sources of pollution have been hit recently, and all signs point to Poison Ivy. Even better yet? The factories are all legitimate business fronts of Penguin's.

Bruce heads to the next factory he believes to be Ivy's next hit, and it doesn't take long for him to find her, as she straight up walks up to him. Bruce allows Ivy to kiss him, which would normally bring him under her control, but he's testing out something new, a sensor in his cowl that triggers small seizures, much like a video game would, resetting his brain ever so often, so to speak.

Bruce goes along with Ivy, and tries to reason with her, but there's no getting through to Ivy, who has already hurt many innocents in her recent attacks. The two trade blows and as they continue to fight, Bruce notices something, the floors are wired to electricity, and there are explosions set through out the building. He tries to warn Ivy, but she doesn't listen, and eventually gets electrocuted, causing her to pass out, meanwhile Bruce gets knocked out by the factory's toxic fumes.

Penguin's right hand man, Ogilvy shows up, taking Ivy, saying the boss wants her dead. Speaking to the unconscious Batman, Ogilvy tells him that he'd like nothing more to kill him, but that'll be saved for another night, as he walks away with Ivy's body.

Sometime later, Bruce wakes up to a very unpleasant sight, Clayface demanding to know what happened to his "wife."

Meanwhile, in the back up, we see Ivy break into Arkham to break Clayface out, as she still intends to fight the good fight she started with the Birds of Prey, but needs a new partner, so to speak. As she finds Clayface's cell, already wrapping him in vines, she tells him "We're gonna get hitched."


The Good:

I've said this on twitter before, but along with The Dark Knight, this book has finally come into it's own, and carved out it's niche in the Batworld. Where The Dark Knight has become a villain case study book, Detective under Layman's pen, has become a book of semi one and done esque feeling issues, with interconnecting plot lines that are woven through out. Where Batman is where we're going to get the large flagship titles, here we're obviously getting smaller, but no less entertaining, stories, which serve as refreshing change. With the emphasis on everything new in the New 52, it's good to see these types of stories with classic villains written well, and not necessarily in the long form format as we currently find in The Dark Knight.

On top of everything, Jason Fabok's art continues to be perfectly suited for Batman. He's just one of those guys whose style you look at and think, "Yeah, this guy really needs to be drawing Batman," and good on Mike Marts or whoever else realized that and made it so. Combined with Fabok's clean and bold style, are Jeromy Cox's color work, which really makes the book pop. The Bat-line has been a traditionally strong line in terms of art (minus a few "eh" fill-ins here and there) and Detective hasn't missed a beat.

The Bad:

I felt Damian was written a bit off. He lacked that certain almost aristocratic tone, and came off a bit too casual. Also, I'm still disappointed that the black eyes from Jesus Saiz's Poison Ivy design have seemingly been dropped. I thought the look was much more striking and unique, compared to the regular eye whites she has.

The Bottom Line:

Yeah, the two negatives I listed, really don't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. Detective Comics jumped greatly in quality with issue #13, and all it had to do here was remain consistent. Well, it's safe to say issue #13 wasn't a fluke, as #14 continues on the path set by the previous issue, maintains a great artistic direction, keeps a bit of witty humor within the dialogue, and reintroduces us to old friends in the form of classic rogues. I'm really loving the direction this book is headed in.



  1. Great review, I really love this issue. I thought I would not really care for it, but now I can not wait to read more.

    Also you said Ivy "who has already hurt many innocents in her recent attacks" she only hurt two people in her recent attacks on the Penguin's places. Which is not to bad cause before Birds of Prey she was killing left and right. She does not seem to want to kill any more really.

    1. Bruce says two night watchmen and six nightshirt workers were hurt by her during their fight.

    2. Guess I have to re-read the issue, sorry man! lol

    3. Still she did not kill them >.< which I think is saying something lol