Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #14

The mysterious man known only as Condor spies another pair of Dagger Clan ninja's transporting a crate, and deciding he wants to hijack them again, he goes in for an attack, to find only a couple of flash bangs inside the crate. When he regains his senses, he finds the Birds waiting for him, and Katana wants her sword back in a bad way.

The Birds begin to attack Condor, but find out there's more to him than a goofy looking suit. Said suit also apparently gives him telepathic powers, and is able to make Canary kick Katana in the face, force Batgirl off a building, and stop Starling's bullets in midair.

Canary does manage to get a good shot in on him, knocking him off the rooftop as well, so she dives after him and uses her Cry to stop them from going splat on the sidewalk. With the Birds regrouped, and having just saved Condor's life, he agrees to give back Katana's sword.

Elsewhere, the Dagger Clan still have that bomb going and are planning their next attack on Katana and company, who are just getting the Soultaker back. With the sword back in Katana's possession, story over, right? NOPE. Katana feels like staying in Japan until she can take out the entire clan, a notion which Condor things is insane. Lucky for them, they don't have to search too long, as the Clan decides to find Katana first, and wages a full on attack on her and the Birds.

Chaos breaks lose, Canary uses her cry to launch her and Condor out of the building, Bab's line gets cut, sending her flying out a window, meanwhile Ev hides in cover, attempting to get a call through to Amanda Waller, and Katana is eventually out numbered.

Outside, Canary and Condor land, and Canary feels something wrong with herself, as Condor asks if it takes time for her powers to "recharge" cus it does for him, but he's kept a bit in the tank. Canary asks what he means, but soon finds out, as he knocks her out with her powers, not wanting to have to dealw ith the entire dagger clan, leaving her in the alley.


The Good:

High action, entertaining interaction, and good art all make for a good package... buuut...

The Bad: 

There are too many "why?" questions to be asked this issue. Why is Condor doing what he's doing, why didn't the fact that both Batgirl and Starling get knocked off the rooftop of a skyscraper even come into play? Why does Canary opt to get Condor out of dodge, instead of helping her friends when the shit goes down? It's a lot of little weird stuff that ads up to a somewhat sour taste after you think about it. Also, for the love of god, third issue in a row... The lining inside Babs' inner thighs, ribs, and arms is not supposed to be yellow! Seriously. I don't know who is to blame... initially I'd just say the colorist probably got a bad reference to start, but it's been three months now, where the fuck are the editors on this? And it's not like it's a huge fix, you could literally get any colorist to fix it real quick.

The Bottom Line:

Any problem I have with this issue isn't exactly a deal breaker, but they do add up. While I enjoyed the book, I wouldn't say it was one of the best issues to date. It had a lot of fun in it, but aside from that, not a whole lot of meat left to it.



  1. I figured Batgirl saved herself and Starling with her grappling hook, but that probably should have been shown.

    The coloring on Batgirl is annoying me too. It ought to have been fixed by now. Romano Molenaar is drawing Starling's tattoos wrong, as well.

  2. Romano Molenaar is a great artist, really is.
    But I just don't feel like it fits the rebooted Birds of Prey series. Jesus Saiz made the story seem dark and edgy, but Molenaar's work is more bright and cartoon-ish.
    Not that Molenaar is a bad artist or anything, I just feel like his art makes the series seem less edgy,