Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #14

Having come across Pegasus, it becomes very clear to Kate and Diana that he's seen better days. Looking over Pegasus' wounds, Kate can figure out just what Falchion had done with him. When Kate asks Pegasus where his mother, Medusa is, he tells her that he'll reveal it, but it'll cost something, only Diana can give him, a warriors death. Pleading to be put out of his misery, Pegasus begs Diana to cut his head off. In a decision that make Kate a bit uneasy, Diana agrees to the deal, as Pegasus reveals that Medusa is hiding in a city known as "The Dark Heart of the World." Diana isn't in the mood for riddles, but Pegasus tells her that Kate will know. "Dammit... Gotham."

Diana carries out Pegasus's wish, and as Kate creates a funeral pyre for the fallen olympian, Diana cant bring herself to watch, as the "smoke" (a lie she tells herself) begins to make her eyes tear up. With her sites set back Gotham, Kate tells Diana she doesn't have to come, but this is a fight Diana intends to see through the end.

Back in Gotham, Medusa and her forces have already begun an attack on the city, in an attempt to take it over, while the GCPD, and heroes such as Nightwing, Catwoman and... Mr. Freeze (no, really) try and fight off Bloody Mary, The Hook, et al.

Medusa approaches Killer Croc, telling him it's time to go through another transformation, and soon after another blood ritual, Croc's monstrous form evolves yet again, as he becomes the mythical Hydra, reborn.

As all seems lost, Batwoman and Wonder Woman come flying in form the sky to join the fight.


The Good:

I think I made note of this last issue, but man I'm digging this setting. Batwoman and Wonder Woman just work, and the olympian stuff fits well into the sort of "spooky" nature of a lot of the stuff Batwoman has dealt with. The characterizations were spot on, between it being apparent Kate has a bit of a schoolgirl crush on Diana, and Diana's reaction to having to kill Pegasus was very heartfelt. Oh, and spoiler alert, JH William III's art is still insane, especially the pages where Medusa is storming Gotham. Gonna miss him on the art side of the book SO MUCH. Hopefully he comes back eventually after Sandman

The Bad:

Nothing really bad, just a wtf... what's Mr. Freeze doing? What did I miss?

The Bottom Line: 

Batwoman has more or less been the black sheep of the Batman Family books, and you know what, that's okay. This issue, and the mythical ties it brings with it gives us a whole different dimension of types of stories that are being brought to Gotham. The unique setting combined with the gorgeous visuals really leave me without anything bad to say about the issue.


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