Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #14

Meet Rachel Niamo, a young girl, who years ago was in the same facility with David, run by Matu Ba, rehabilitating the youth of Tinasha. Rachel would constantly have night terrors, and David would often comfort her to calm her down. How many years later, and now Rachel is the vigilante known as Dawn, and without knowing, she and David are locked in a battle with Father Lost's cult.

David briefly becomes possessed by the cult, but Rachel is able to break him from their control by putting a special amulet around his neck. As David comes back to his senses, the police burst in, along with Kia, who notices her cousin among the many of the cult, but loses her as the crowd, and Dawn scatter.

Back in The Haven, David confirms with Matu that Dawn is indeed Rachel, based on DNA and fingerprints left on one of her blades recovered from the scene of the fight. Apparently Rachel had gone into school teaching, but after some digging, David finds that she actually began dangerous work for the Government. After interrogating one of Rachel's former teammates, David finds out that half of Rachel's squad was wiped out by Father Lost, years ago, thus the vendetta.

Father Lost himself is none too pleased with Dawn meddling in his affairs yet again, and sets up a trap, which she falls for easily. But, never fear, Batwing is here, and gives Rachel an opportunity to escape... which just ends up with her in a dark alley with Father Lost, and a knife in her chest.


The Good: 

Everything I've enjoyed in the title is still here. Continued world building, new characters, new enemies, all that jazz, along with continued great work from Marcus To.

The Bad:

All that said, there was just a general feeling that I got after this issue of "why does this matter?" I don't know, maybe it's because of my growing pessimism of this title's longevity, as seeing that I keep myself informed as much as possible, it's hard to shake that sort of stuff off. But there's also the issue of Winick leaving. He's leaving in the middle of an arc, and I questioned why I should care, when he didn't care enough to finish the arc properly? How much can this arc matter, if the writer can just up and leave?

The Bottom Line:

All things considered, this is pretty part for the course for the title. Not good, not great, it just feels somewhat complacent, and doesn't leave a whole lot of reason to be excited.


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