Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #14

 Batman is free, and he's pissed. Going after Scarecrow, Bruce gets a scythe to the shoulder, but shoots his grappling gun through Crane's jaw, allowing himself enough time to escape. During their fight, a gas line, or something cracked open, so Crane pulls himself free, and begins to gather his things. As he's leaving, he hears the little girl he had abducted crying for help, and in an act of kindness, releases her, and carries her out before a sparking wire blows the place sky high.

Weakened, Bruce struggles to navigate the streets of Gotham, and is found by a few amateur rank thugs, who think taking down Batman will make them legends... but they forgot about the ten-year old, Damian, who shows up, kicks their ass, and gets his father back to their home, where Bruce thanks him for the rescue.

Elsewhere, Scarecrow has escaped, and the GCPD interview the girl about what she remembers. Scarecrow manages to hobble his broke ass over to Penguin's Casnio, asking if "it" is ready. Scarecrow pays Cobblepot off with some diamonds he stole a while ago, and is given what he paid for, a giant zeppelin, which he uses to fly over Gotham and poison the air with his new toxin... on Christmas no less!


The Good:

David Finch is going out with style on this book. I don't know what it is about it, maybe since he's been inking his own stuff recently, but holy shit does this issue look good, it steals the show. The great art, combined with some particularly brutal fight scenes really made this book pretty enjoyable.

The Bad:

Compared to the other issues in this arc, this one lacks some meat to it, with out any of the detailed character moments found in the stories of Crane's past, etc. Thus, the issue goes by rather quickly.

The Bottom Line:

Despite this issue being less substantial than the past few, it's still good. Like I said in the good section, the art is the big talking point, and Finch is making it hard to say goodbye. Granted, EVS is no artist to scoff at, but Finch is killing it right now.


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  1. You notice the Robin "R" was incorrect here? Since Finch was fretting about it on Twitter I just sort of remembered to look for it.