Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #14

A fancy Gotham dinner gets crashed by a hoard of these "Eat to live!" zombie sort of people... are they really zombies? I don't really know... regardless, Batman shows up as well in an attempt to stop the attack, because that's what he does... Batman stuff. He then tries to radio Damian to find out where he is, but gets no response from his son, who is playing knocked out, in order to be lead to the base of these Saturn cultists.

While Bruce is trying to contact Damian, he has the batplane identify key components that he found in the blood of all the hoard members he defeated, giving him clues as to where they may be located. Meanwhile, as Damian is presented as a special meal to the cult, by the hooded leader. The cult soon fines out Damian has been playing them, as he wakes up, and takes on all who challenge him, as he attempts to lead an escape of all the other people kidnapped.

Damian leads all the civilians into an old train, where Batman eventually catches up to them, as the chemical analysis found traces of chemicals/elements/whatever that were only found in the old train system. Bruce isn't too happy, but first takes the time to help defeat all the cultists.

After the fight is over, Bruce again expresses his anger with Damian, claiming that it was reckless and irresponsible to turn off his communicator, especially when he was being played by the Joker. Damian doesn't believe it, claiming that Joker couldn't have been the leader, but sure enough, a chattering set of teeth are found on one of the near by bodies, with an image of someone's eye inside. (More on that later).

Back at the cave, Bruce brings himself to tell Damian he isn't sure that their partnership will work anymore, claiming Damian's lack of caring about anyone but himself would be the downfall. Damian then reveals what he's been doing alone in the sewers, which we've seen through out the months, and drops a single pearl on the table, telling his father that he does care. Shocked, Bruce picks up the pearl, looks at his son, and tells him how proud of him he is, as they hug.


The Good:

The father son bonding at the end was very "aww" worthy, and that's the kind of stuff I really enjoy in this book. Slowly but surely, the relationship between these two characters have been moving forward, which is what I've come to expect from this particular Batman labeled book.

The Bad:

I'm not sure how I want to describe the bulk of this plot... "Half-aborted" seems fitting, but so does "shoehorned." Granted, I read this issue after all the real "Death of the Family" stuff, so my thought process may have been elsewhere, but I just don't know what the hell the deal with this whole Saturn cult is. It seems like it was meant to be something, then this Joker stuff happened, and all those involved went "never mind" (especially given the fill in art on these last two issues). Then I guess Joker was the cult leader? Sure, I guess? That's where the shoehorned part comes in. All in all, aside from the father-son moment at the end, I didn't like a whole lot of this issue.

The Bottom Line: 

I think I summed up most of my thoughts in "the bad" which is unfortunate, given that I do generally enjoy the title. I mean, when it comes down to it, a lot of what we get seems almost as if it was all an afterthought or just left out to dry and forgotten about. Ever since the Nobody arc, this series has been either part of a crossover, or dealing with half-baked plots that seem to go nowhere, above all else, after "Death of the Family," I hope this series is given room to breath again, this issue being a key example as to why. 


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