Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SPOILERS: Batgirl #14

Picking up where we left off, Babs is left screaming for her mother on the phone. While she tries to calm herself down, in order to think straight, she gets a call from someone who she soon believes to be the Joker, who tells her to make a sandwich! That'll calm her down... oh, and the men who took her mother are coming for her too, BYE!

This whole situation should seem familiar, but this time, Babs is ready for it. Beating up three thugs comes pretty easy, but Babs is pissed, as she points one of their guns to a guy's head demanding answers, of which, he has none. Alysia walks in, and doesn't quite know whats going on. Babs tells her to call the police and say there was a home invasion, and that's it. She hugs her roommate, and tells her to forget her, as she leaves to go save her mother.

Elsewhere, at a Gotham roller rink, Joker skates up, and has a merry old time, skating around all the dead bodies, while Babs' mother remains tied up, with an injured hand, in the middle of the rink. Outside, Babs takes out the guard, and enters to find the gruesome scene, with Joker welcoming her to the party.

Joker seems to have one thing on his mind, love! Giving Babs a lesson in why the Romans started the tradition of a ring finger, Joker tells Babs that it was love that made him hope she'd come. "Hope?" Babs points out that he gave her directions over the phone, something Joker denies. Babs picks up the phone again, and soon figures out that it was her deranged brother who lead her into Joker's lair.

One problem at a time, though.

Before they go any further, Joker lets Babs know that her mother is sitting on top of a nail bomb, so he advises her against getting too "sassy." He goes on to speak of Batman, telling Babs that it's people lik e her that bring him down, but he has a plan to fix it, a very "loving" plan, by his account. To begin this plan, he makes a proposition to Babs, digging through his belt to bring something out in a bloody cloth. Joker gets down on one knee, and quite literally proposes to Babs, with a ring on her mother's severed finger.


The Good:

Seeing this version of the Joker on roller skates is pretty dementedly hilarious, let's just get that out of the way up front. But this (and Batman) is a pretty good example of how messed up Joker is this time around. No big talk with no results, Joker is getting busy, and doing work. The whole proposing and love concept in this issue just makes everything more creepy and twisted, Gail Simone did a great job making him portray that. Really strong tie in, all and all. Daniel Sampere's Joker also looked great.

The Bad:

Fill in, again... based on this and Red Lanterns, I'm skeptical on Benes' ability to deliver on a monthly basis now. I mean hell, he didn't even draw the Joker! Good thing Sampere did well in that department.

The Bottom Line:

I wasn't too impressed with the "Night of the Owls" issue of Batgirl, but if this is any indication of how the "Death of the Family" tie ins will go for this series, then I will tell you I am greatly looking forward to them.


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