Thursday, November 15, 2012

Panels of the Week, 11/15/2012

Good thing Li'l Gotham came out this week, because we need something to balance out all the decomposing faces strapped to people's heads.

Batman #14: I made note yesterday that if you're not reading "Death of the Family" using Mark Hamil's Joker voice, you're doing it wrong. Remember how he would constantly switch between this manic tone, then turn on a dime and get deadly serious? Yeah, that's this point. Using that voice, with the added visual is fucking terrifying. All the little details put into this joker, from the exposed flesh underneath, to the fucked up eyes. SO GOOD.

Batman #14: One thing that Jock got a lot of praise for during "The Black Mirror" was how unsettling his work was, and thank god he's doing these back ups, because he's picking up rigth where he left off. While I love Capullo's design for Joker, Jock's style fits the design so well, and really makes it his own.

Batgirl #14: Funny that Ed Benes didn't even draw the Joker in this issue, but I don't have much issue with that, given the fact that Sampere did such a great job. Talk about fucking creepy, given the context. The eyes, the eyes are what do it.

Suicide Squad #14: I feel like Dagnino missed a few things in terms of design, seeing as it doesn't really look like a face strapped to his head, but still, the fact that he kept Joker with that big, creepy grin the entire time was fantastic.

Batman and Robin #14: This book keeps going back to this well, but god damn if it isn't working!

Legends of the Dark Knight #24: Back to the gross stuff! That's what happens if Garfield doesn't get his damn lasagna.

Batman - Li'l Gotham #2: This is equal parts ridiculous and fantastic.


  1. Damian is such an animal lover.

    On a separate note, how could anyone NOT read Joker in Mark's voice. That's blasphemy.

  2. I thought it seemed to very obviously be based on Heath Ledger's vocals tics. Not that I wouldn't necessarily prefer Hamill.

    1. i think this joker is kind of a mix between GM's joker and heath ledger's...

  3. I have been reading this Joker with Ledger's voice. But, I'm sure either or works well.

  4. I was reading Joker before I saw a movie or show with him, so comic Joker has no particular voice for me. Jack Nicholson was my firt Joker voice, John DiMaggio is my favorite. JDM manages to do both chilling menace and when called for a playfullness that really lacks any meanace at all. He's just havin' fun, all innocent, like a crazy person. I guess I'm alone in not liking Mark Hamils portrayal because it's all meanace all the time. Great for a cartoon or video game where the villans are not supposed to be complex, but com'on, The Killing Joke is the pinacle of Joker stories that it is because it did show him as being complex. There are moments where he drops the evil and is just a guy talking to a guy about life. I can't see Mark Hamil's Jokers ever being that fleshed out. I would never feel sympathy for them, like I did in the the Killing Joke.

  5. I've been reading with Hamill's voice, but I guess I'm gonna try Ledger's next time, it should be fun.