Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cover Thoughts for February 2013

So, I literally forgot to do this last month... and lord knows if I'll actually get it out this time. So if you're reading this, then success! Good job, ME!

Batgirl #17: This was one of those covers that I thought, "Why is this guy doing it?" Ed Benes is still doing the interiors, and I liked his covers, so Ryp's cover was a bit surprising. So, lets go from left to right. Batgirl, looks pretty good, alright... James looks pretty fucking ugly, but I guess maybe that's the point? Sort of horrific and creepy.

Batman and Robin #17: This is pretty nondescript for covers. It's fine... not sure how the blue on Batman works in the New 52, but whatever. If anything, this cover looks like an "end of the run" sort of cover. The solicit doesn't make it seem as if Tomasi or Gleason are leaving, but who knows.

Batman - The Dark Knight #17: This cover is pretty great for a number of reasons. One, it just looks hilarious. Two, it's pretty trippy, and fitting for a Mad Hatter story. Three... it's still pretty god damn hilarious looking. Just the face, I can't get over that, so funny looking.

Batman #17: This is probably one of the best Greg Capullo covers of the entire series. Creepy, yet gorgeous. Seems like the perfect cover to close the Death of the Family. Not much else to say.

Birds of Prey #17: This is a pretty good looking cover, really action packed and what not, my only issue with it is that it's a LITTLE too close to what I expect the interiors to look like. I prefer there to be at least a little distinction, for instance, Capullo's cover for Batman #17. Regardless, Molenaar draws Talons pretty well too.

Batwoman #17: There are a lot of words to describe this, beautiful, stunning, etc... I'll prefer to go with "definitive." This is a definitive depiction of Batwoman. Very fitting, given that this will be JH Williams' last illustrated issue for a while.

Catwoman #17: I'm really liking Rafa Sandoval's art on this title, he's proven himself to draw a meeeeeean Catwoman. I've seen a lot of complaining about the fact that she's on a "catbike" then go on to relate that to Nocenti. Now look, I've had problems with Nocenti's writing so for... but the bike is what you're really complaining about? The fuck? Grasp at a bigger straw, at least.

Detective Comics #17: Another great cover from Jason Fabok. Crazy action, weird villains, and rain! There's Joker creepy clowns, but there are regular ass looking clowns that are creepy, and that one going for Batman at the bottom creeps me the hell out.

Nightwing #17: This is a fine cover all in all, actually inked, unlike some of Barrows' covers that I don't like... until you get to Damian's face... it's just, fat looking. I think it's the perspective, and the combination of the mask, that makes it spread out looking and weird. I just gravitate to it. Weird.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17: While it's really familiar to Batman Annual #25, I mean, what do you expect, it's an homage cover. At least the reflection is added, to make it look a bit unique. Regardless, stunning cover.

Talon #5: Aside from the sort of naked looking (in terms of not all that decked out with weapons) Talons towards the bottom, this is another great looking cover from March, using an unique perspective from the top of a sewer opening.

Batwing #17: This cover kind of sucks, pretty weak. If this is the kind of art we can expect, I'm not looking forward to it. There are just elements to this rendition of Batwing that look just wrong.

Batman Incorporated #8: The file listing of this image list it as the variant cover, so I don't know if it's worth criticizing this too much. All in all, fine rendition of the Dynamic Duo by Chris Burnham.

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