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Stack Rundown, 10/26/2012

So, this post is coming a bit late because I have a ton of books to write about this week, and did my best to procrastinate writing it. You've been warned, it's a big post this week.

Superman #13

I've made it clear a few times that I don't consider myself a big Superman fan. I only read the character when the creators suit me just right. Morrison on Action Comics, Snyder and Lee on Man of Steel whatever that book is called. But Scott Lobdell on Superman? Eh, not so much, more like Kenneth Rocafort. I've been so bummed with the quality in Red Hood's art lately, that I pretty much just picked this up for Rocafort's art. I was debating whether or not, based on the fact it's starting off with a crossover, and I'm not reading Boy or Girl. Buuuut, the things that have been teased in the Superman universe lately have been really interesting. So what the hell. Verdict? Pretty entertaining. Aside from my irks with Lobdell's newfound love of thought bubbles, which I think only work in certain stylistic formats (this is not one), I found the story to keep me entertained from page 1 through 20. Lobdell came in and instantly shook up the status quo with Clark leaving the Daily Planet, and if they're going to be doing things like that, it serves as a point to readers like me that this isn't the same old same old... Oh, and Rocafort's art was fantastic as always. So... I'll find the equivalent Metropolis Spoilers blog, read up on the Superboy and Supergirl issues, and stick with this title some more.

Teen Titans #13

Speaking of Scott Lobdell, how about some Teen Titans? This was pretty much just another #0 issue, and the origin of Wonder Girl, which I really don't particularly care about... yep, that's about it. The most interesting thing about the issue was Amanda Waller getting Kurt Lance to go after the Titans... and even then, I just want him to show up in Birds of Prey instead. I also remember liking AlĂ© Garza's art more (he drew that issue of Superman/Batman my usual avatar is from). 

I, Vampire #13

And back to issues I liked! This was the first issue of the series with the new status quo. Andrew = Bad, Mary = Good, and human. Despite Mary actually being a human now, she still is a total badass, and impales a dude's face on some wood, so yeah, there's that. The issue also saw the introduction of an old character by the name of Deborah Dancer, who was sort of like John in the old House of Mystery series. It's pretty hard to say where this book is going to end up a couple of issues down the line, but as if I wasn't hooked on this series already, the status quo change serves as even more of a reason to keep loving this book. It's interesting in the sense that not a whole lot of books will do something like that, let alone a book published by the big two, yet here I, Vampire is, just being awesome in every way possible. 

All-Star Western #13

Yep, still reading it. It's entertaining, but man do I have to start waiting a month for the price to drop, because more often or not, the back up doesn't grab me. Regardless, this is another one of those titles that is taking part in the noncrossover that is all about Eclipso's diamond. Dr. Jekyll wants it or something, I don't know. I find it odd DC hasn't really addressed this plot line at all, with it going through Demon Knights, All Star Western, Team 7, and Catwoman (is that it?). Who knows, maybe it has something to do with Trinity War. Anyways... Tallulah fights a tiger in this issue, and that's pretty cool, haha.

Justice League Dark #13

So, as predicted with the #0 issue, Nick Necro is the big baddie in this arc, and honestly, it feels weird to say that this story will end next week with the annual. After this issue, I'm not quite sure what to expect, #13 really was just a big setup. I feel as if Zatanna going with Necro to save the team, and Constantine leading an all out assault with Amethyst, Frankenstein, and Andrew Bennett (apparently) added to the team, against Necro, Faust and Mist, there has to be some big fall out... But you know what I really want to happen? Zatanna to freaking do something. Even before Lemire took over, I'm pretty damn sure that whenever she's tried to use her magic, it has failed. Every. Single. Time. It seems every time she uses her backwards magic, it's followed with a "OH NO, MY BACKWARDS MAGIC DOESN"T WORK!" which causes me to ask, what the hell has she been doing for over a year in this book!?

The Flash #13

The Flash is one of those books which I continuously enjoy, yet I never really have anything to say about it most of the time. Art is great and the story is fun... that's about it. Doesn't mean anything is wrong with it, just that I don't have anything else to say, really.

Artifacts #22

You see, I was under the impression that this was going to be an arc about the Magdalena, in this new Top Cow Universe, and how she was altered by all the changes. Apparently not. Just some Demon in DC that Tom Judge has to fight. Not really all that sure as to where this ties into everything, but I guess that'll be explained next issue. While I've enjoyed these past few issues, ever since the big change at the end of #13, I can't help but feel as if the title is sort of stalling, in a sense that the big story is coming, but there just has to be some stuff in between. It's good in a sense that you allow for some breathing room, but at the same time, it's like having a carrot dangled in front of you. That being said, I fully expect that come December (hopefully) that this title will kick back into gear again when Tom Judge finally gets in contact with Sara Pezzini. 

Revival #4

Revival continues it's rural noir with some added demonology into the mix. Still really digging this title, but I'm running into some of the problems I've seen with certain Image books. I feel as if I'd benefit reading this book in larger chunks (trades) rather than a monthly series. Like Thief of Thieves, this book has a methodical pace to it, yet I read so many other books in a month, that I often find myself forgetting key beats whenever I come back to a new issue. That's not to say there's anything wrong with how the story is told, it's just that reading say five issues over a weekend would probably be more beneficial than reading it over the span of five months. Now, if only I'd actually commit to that thought...

Hack/Slash #19

Where as Tim Seeley's other Image title, Hack/Slash, lends itself well to monthly reading... too bad it's ending soon. Yeah, apparently in some shape and form, Hack/Slash is ending with issue #25, but Seeley has been sort of noncommittal to what that actually means for the franchise as a whole, as apparently the end of this series, transitions into the Evil Dead crossover immediately after, then anything following that mini series seems to be a big question mark. Onto the actual issue, while Seeley hasn't been writing these last few issues, the story is progressing in a way that it really sets up the finale. Things seem to be getting darker, and Cassie's mood has seen a dramatic change in tone of late. You got to figure something bad is soon to happen, but only time will tell when that final arc hits.

The Li'l Depressed Boy #14

So, awhile ago, when I was just looking through a bunch of Image titles on my iPad, I downloaded a bunch of free issues, and really liked the feel of this series, but never committed to picking the rest of it up. Well, there was a Comixology sale over the weekend, and when you can get the entire series to date for like $12, it's kind of hard to pass up. I really like this series, it's simple and heartfelt, and a pallet cleanser, compared to some of the other stuff I read. This issue, like the rest, goes by quick, but I still manage to enjoy every bit of it, and I'm really liking the character of Spike... now just bring back Childish Gambino!

Invincible #95-96

It has taken me just over two months, but I have finally read every single issue of Invincible to date, and man, was I missing out. This series is a flat out joy to read. These last few issues have really been interesting, as they've focused on everyone but Mark, and the drama that has unfolded between Rex and Monster Girl has been pretty intense at times. The juxtaposition of Rex between the last two pages of #96 is pretty messed up, and I'm wondering if it will ever come back into play. Where this series goes from now, god only knows. Of course when I get comfortable with everything, everyone is apparently going to die in issue #100, great.

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