Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stack Rundown, 10/20/2012

Awkward super hero moments, zombie wives, and more! All in this week's Stack Rundown.

Justice League #13

Picking up after the kiss scene around the world, things, as you would guess, are a bit awkward immediately afterwards, added some schoolboy/girl "I did like it teehee" comments. Buuuut, the real story is what the deal is between Wonder Woman and Cheetah. In The New 52, Minerva was briefly a member of the ARGUS team, where she came in contact with the tribal blade that turned her into the Cheetah, and in a jungle she manages to turn everyone but Wonder Woman (and I think Cyborg) into a cheetah creature too. Back up featured Steve Trevor and Green Arrow talking about something Green Arrow found off of Multiplex, the same symbol as those in the shadows at the end of #6 had. Also, Amanda Waller is the Leagues new Government liaison, which is an awesome idea. Anyways, I liked the issue a lot, though I'd like to see the speed ramp up a bit, heading for Trinity War. This was also the first of Tony Daniel's two issues, and man does he draw a good Wonder Woman. Richard Friend was inking him, and while most of it looked great, there were a few panels here and there that made me miss Sandu Florea, who I prefer inking Daniel's work. Also, I think Cheetah should at least have some loincloth, or something, because this whole Barbie featureless look is kind of weird.

Wonder Woman #13

Speaking of Wonder Woman, how about the book, Wonder Woman? The second year kicks off with Diana beginning her hunt for anything that will lead her to Hermes and Zola's baby, while some big monstorous thing comes out of the Antarctic ice, and eats a dude's head, pleasant. I honestly just can't say enough nice things about this book, it finally got me into Wonder Woman, which I had been trying to do for awhile, with no luck. Let's face it, she's a pretty big badass, but nothing I read particularly grabbed my attention until this Greek epic like take on her. I even liked Tony Akins' work more than usual this issue, so all things clicked for me this month.

Sword of Sorcery #1

This book has honestly taken me for surprise, way more "dudes getting their throats slit and impaled"than I thought it would be... Thumbs fucking up for that! Then they started introducing some more Houses of the world, and it's really starting to feel like a purple shade of Game of Thrones, which is fine by me, and could certainly appeal to a wider audience given the chance. Even the Beowulf back up is pretty good, and wonderfully drawn by Jesus Saiz, but I was surprised to find out that it would be ending with issue #3, given #4's solicitation for something else. All I can say is I hope Jesus Saiz has something lined up after that, because his decision to leave Birds of Prey, hasn't really resulted in much stability since, which is a shame. But anyways, I'd highly recommend just about anyone picking up this book if they're on the fence, it'll probably surprise you, speaking from experience.

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #5

Despite my initial concerns with #4 not ending in a place where it felt like the final issue could wrap up the story nicely, I think #5 did what it needed to do pretty well. Everything was wrapped up and put into a place where, once the main series comes back after hiatus, you can see the changes that were made to the status quo in this book, having an effect on the whole AmVamp universe as a whole. My only complaint would be that this series ended in pretty much the exact same ways as Survival of the Fittest did. In SotF, Cash and Felicia are in the shit, Cash tells Felicia to go, then blows himself up to take out some vamps. In here, Linden and Felicia are in the shit, Linden tells Felicia to go, then blows himself up to take out Dracula. So if there's ever a third mini series, I fully expect whoever is with Felicia in the final issue to blow up.

The Darkness #107

It's like David Hine knows exactly what I want to happen in this book, but is just taunting me with little hints here and there. Jackie having fucked up dreams about the repercussions of the world he created, Sara calling him, feeling as if something is wrong, so on and so on. The book is getting pretty psychological, and is definitely taking it's time torturing Jackie, and in a sadistic way, that's why it's a good read. I feel like I've said this so many times by now, but I cannot wait for the breaking point, it's killing me. Though, we did learn that the next arc of this series will be called "Wrath of the Witchblade" which is AWESOME, because that means, by years end, shit will hit the fan, in a big way.

Cyber Force #1

In case you haven't heard, thanks to Kickstarter funding, Top Cow is offering the first five issues of their relaunched Cyber Force series for free. Now, I'm not familiar with Cyber Force, I know them from brief appearances in past Witchblade or Artifacts issues, but apparently you don't need to know much going in, and I definitely found that to be the case. That said, a few things did go over my head in my initial reading, but I figure I'll go back over it before #2 hits. Can't complain too much though... it is free. This is like the ultimate try before you buy scenario, get essentially a trade's worth of material for free, before you make a decision to continue to buy the series.

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