Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stack Rundown, 10/06/2012

Lots of stuff happened this week, the return of Krypto, start of the Rotworld crossover (for real this time), and Simon Baz's first super heroic run-in.

Action Comics #13

Let's start with the great! If you read this issue and didn't feel some sort of emotion, you're fucking dead inside. This was the story of how Superman got his dog Krypto out of the Phantom Zone on the surface, but it is really a story about how generally awesome dogs are. Could you do this with a cat? Fuck no. Cats are assholes, I told someone looking at a house across the street yesterday that it was a good neighborhood, as I watched my cat, thinking "Man, I hope they don't have a dog, that fucking cat is going to make it his bitch if they do. Should I warn them? I should warn them... OH FUCK, here he comes!" But I digress. The fact is, this story, while having a happy ending, was just so sad and heartbreaking. Remember that episode of Futurama when at the end we see that Fry's dog waited for him for years, until he died? Yeah, it's like that. Just so unexpectedly sad.

Worlds' Finest #5

THIS BOOK NEEDS A NEW CREATIVE TEAM SO BADLY. Ugh. The only reason I'm reading this again is because they put Damian on the damn cover of the next issue, those bastards. But in the meantime, I'm a completionist idiot, who can't stand to have missing issue. The story is just so dull, Power Girl is off doing whatthefuckever in Europe looking at those atom colliders, meanwhile, Helena is in Boston, finding a sniper taking horrible shots at a women's rights/safety/anti-rape/whatever you want to call it rally. Put the two together and you just get a boring 20 pages. This book... I don't know, it just feels so dated, in both story and art (albeit, not Kevin Maguire's pages), and not in a good nostalgic way. This book has so much potential to be loads of fun, and it just isn't. It's one of those books that I feel could really use a creative change, but I'm willing to bet that it won't. 

Swamp Thing #13

Back to good comics! Hey kids! Have you ever wanted to see a horribly mutated Tim Drake fight Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy? Because that's exactly what you get this issue, and it's fucking nuts! So, this is the DCU one year later, not some alternate time line or whatever, this is it, and boy is it messed up. I love these kinds of stories, because while you know, the universe will never get to this point in any books outside of the the crossover, it's still pretty god damn entertaining. The really crazy thing to think about is just how everything goes back to normal, because even in the present (a year ago) some pretty crazy shit happens, like Abby Holland dying. That really took me by surprise, because quite honestly, I wasn't expecting much present day stories in this crossover. So I'm sitting here asking how this is going to be fixed, and if that certain plot point is going to stick. Crazy indeed.

Animal Man #13

Echo everything I just said about Swamp Thing, because this issue was equally good, and had interesting plot points in the present as well, like Buddy's wife and son being infected by the rot.  What I purposely failed to mention in the Swamp Thing  write up, just so I could have something to say here, is that I really enjoy the fact that they're really showing a big slice of the DCU in here. Animal Man is teaming up with Black Orchid, Beast Boy, and Steel, because why the hell not? Meanwhile, you see how heroes like Batwoman and Supergirl fell to the rot, two characters I never expected to see. So far, so good. This crossover is pretty damn awesome.

Green Lantern #13

Meanwhile, in Geoff Johns world, stuff is going nuts, Hal Jordan and Sinestro are god knows where, Simon Baz has a ring, Amanda Waller and Obama are BFFs and the Justice League is pissed. This was a typical Geoff Johns set up issue, third army creeping in the shadows, and last page teaser of the cool shit you want to see next issue (Justice League vs. Baz). Nevertheless, these are the types of things you get used to if you've been reading the years and years worth of stories in this particular run of Green Lantern. But that's not to say there aren't some genuine moments for the characters. We get our first proper introduction to Simon's sister, Sira, and show how their relationship has been strained over the years, yet they both support each other... So that's nice... but still, man I want to read next issue now.

Earth 2 #5

Grundy and the would-be Justice Society keep duking it out, we're briefly introduced to Wesley Dodds, and Terry Sloan has weaseled his way back into power, a lot like a Max Lord-like figure, in this case. That pretty much sums up the issue, until the end, where Alan Scott enters the Grey, and is tempted to stay with his dead lover, Sam. Even though I so simply described the issue, I'm still really loving the book. This fresh take on old characters is something right up my alley, and the gorgeous art helps out quite a bit.

Hack/Slash #18

I quite honestly almost forgot about this book coming out. I think the last issue came out in July, so it's been a while waiting for this one. It was alright. Heavy on Cat, who while entertaining, isn't my favorite character. It was a story about a slasher that Cassie and Vlad came across awhile ago, I think, but since I read most all of Hack/Slash in bulk then had to wait three months for a new issue I kinda sorta forgot... yeah. It was also a little light on some of the Hack/Slash staples I'm so into... like the over the top senseless violence. Yeah, missed that. Regardless, there were still some tie backs to the over all story going on (Samhain getting up) and hopefully now that the big delay hurdle has been dealt with, this book can get back to coming out consistently again.

Thief of Thieves #9

This book reads way more like a really, really fleshed out TV story board, than a comic... no wonder it got picked up by AMC to become a TV show. The title is really sort of fascinating to read from a stylistic standpoint, because it has such a heavy "this should really be a TV show" vibe. While it's entertaining, I feel like it is possible for it to fall victim to what happens in some dramatic series, that half way through a season things start to drag, and viewers can begin to lose interest. All that being said, I think after this arc, I'm going to opt to begin waiting for this book in trade, as having more of a complete experience at a single point in time may benefit me, as the reader, better.

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