Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SPOILERS: Talon #1

It has been seven years since Calvin escaped the Court of Owls, and having heard of their supposed demise, he feels as if he needs to get closure, and know once and for all, if his former masters are no more. Sneaking into one of the Court's old bases, he finds it empty, until he is scanned by the computer system, which recognizes him, and sends out an alarm. Two people initially hear this alarm, an older man in parts unknown who is alerted via computer, and one of the many Talons still at large (specifically, the one featured in All-Star Western).

Calvin and the lady-Talon begin to trade blows, and being the cunning escape artist he is, Calvin ties his foe up in a noose of razor wire. If she moves, it gets tighter, and could end up popping her head off. With the Talon cursing him, Calvin uses the opportunity to attempt an escape, but as you would expect, the Talon eventually catches up with him. Taking off the kids gloves, Calvin tries to end the fight, by stabbing the Talon through the head, then proceeding to hit the blade with a taser. As Calvin falls down in pain, close to blacking out, the mysterious old man comes out of the shadows with a vial of liquid nitrogen, pouring it on the Talon's head, then turning his attention to Calvin.

Calvin wakes up 18 hours later under the man's care. His initial reaction is to throw anything he can find at the man, and attempt to make an escape. The man, whose name is Sebastian Clark, eventually gets Calvin to calm down, explaining he is a friend. Years ago, the Court took Sebastian's life from him, as his father wrote a tell all book about the Court, which of course, lead them to murder everyone who ever heard of the title before it was widely circulated. Sebastian escaped to europe, and spent his life gathering as much info on the Court as he could, swearing his revenge on them. Despite Calvin's initial thoughts to ignore the man's request in aid to take out the weakened Court, and their Talons who have spread across the country to protect assets, Sebastian lets Calvin know that the Court knows where the woman and his daughter who he saved seven years ago are, and will use them to get to him.

While initially thinking he's being threatened, Calvin eventually comes to terms with the situation at hand, as Sebastian shows him something he's been working on, a modified version of Calvin's old costume. Dawning the new costume, Calvin begins to like the poetic nature of one of the Court's own Talon taking them down.


The Good:

This is what, the third full issue James Tynion IV has written? But shit, he can write. While the beginning is heavy in narration you wouldn't be surprised to see in a title with Snyder's name onit, the fact is, it fits. There's just something about the tone of the book that clicks, and works really well. While we got 11 straight months of the Court, this feels almost brand new, and the concept has renewed it's welcome, rather than wear it out. On top of that, the art is fantastic. March's work has a great sense of kinetic motion, and fantastic expressions. Also... he includes blimps in Gotham's skyline, so that's an automatic win.

The Bad:

Once again, nothing. I loved every page.

The Bottom Line:

Talon is by far the stand out book of the third wave. I'd say it goes Talon... Talon again, Sword of Sorcery, Team 7, Phantom Stranger in my book. This issue is also the only one of those titles that didn't feel like it was simply the #2. It felt as if it was a true #1 issue. On top of that, it was written and illustrated especially well. I'm very excited to see where this book goes, and how it expands in the coming months.


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