Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SPOILERS: Nightwing #13

Joker's back in town, but you know, fuck that noise. Who cares? Dick's doing his own stuff, looking for other people, who are no where to be found. With nothing to do, and no one picking up the phone, despite Joker being fucking back, Dick decides to go home... then figures he'll go ask Penguin where everyone is.

So he does, and Penguin tells him that Lady Shiva is in town, and everyone has high tailed it out of Gotham. So, you know... with the Joker being back, Dick decides to go after her instead.

The next day, Dick goes to the contruction site at Amusement Row, meets some new acrobats, and is met by Sonia who schedules dinner with Dick to go over paperwork. Dick seems confused, date or business? He doesn't know.

Buuuuuut, Sonia cancels, as she has to handle something with a guy from the bank. So, Dick goes out looking for Shiva, and on the rooftops of Gotham he finds "Barbara Gordon, A.K.A. BATGIRL!" Batgirl, she's got priorities, mainly Joker... but she also feels like tearing into Dick. Claws out! Just gets mad at Dick, tells him he's already moved on and doesn't care, then dips... okay.

So Dick goes looking for Shiva some more, and uses the EMP mask to disguise himself as a thug, hears some two bit gang guy is trying to make a name for himself by taking out Shiva, and goes to where that dude and his thugs are waiting for her. A boat comes speeding in, and crashes into the harbor. Shiva's nowhere to be found, that's because she's killing the dude Sonia was with! End.

The Good:


The Bad:

Read everything I've said about this artist, and repeat it again. PUT THE DAMN GAUNTLET SPIKES IN THE RIGHT PLACE, JESUS CHRIST, YOU'RE DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY!


Also... I don't know, this just feels like treading water. The Shiva thing literally came out of nowhere in the last four or so pages of #0, and I didn't really need it to be followed up on.

The narration is really bad, choppy, and filled with pointless exposition. There are seperate boxes for single sentences. It's pretty much Dick going:
I did this.
And then I went here.
I talked to that guy.
The feel of the whole issue is just off.

Oh, and let's address DeFalco's use of Babs. While she has a point, and it's kind of ridiculous that Dick isn't doing anything to involve himself with Joker (where he is in Batman #13), Babs comes off here as, for lack of a better term, a total bitch. I feel fine saying that, because when it comes down to it, that wasn't Barbara Gordon. Total swing and a miss.

The Bottom Line:

While it's not Catwoman #0 terrible (which is my new base line reading of absolute shit), there's not a whole lot to like. Subpar art, forgettable story, bad characterization, it's all just pretty bad, but not awful.



  1. Not sure I want to check back in on DeFalco's next issue. I may just wait it out until Death of the Family.

  2. I totally disagree with you, I liked this issue. I thought it was the best I read this week.

  3. I always like reading Nightwing, because basically, my favourite comic character. Having said that, it does make things that aren't awesome-news-for-nightwing jump out as being bleh.
    I didn't understand why put Shiva in #0 - are they going somewhere with this or is it just a couple of issues worth of filler if so what a waste to put it in a good #0, just how much backstory is gone with the new52 stuff since he's apparently not clear that Shiva can and does kill everyone she goes up against and is dangerous at Bruce's level of ability, why Alfred not answering the phone is okay with him, same with Bruce, why Babs was such a bitch - again, don't know how much backstory is gone there since if it was all the same between babs & dick then her whingeing would be doubly-triply bitchy.... yeah.
    I can overlook the artwork bits that I don't love wince it's not ugly, but this kind of makes Dick look S-L-O-W and Babs a selfish bitch.