Thursday, October 25, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #21

As Batman gets word from Gordon of Joker supposedly hanging himself, he makes his way to Arkham, telling Gordon what he found out about Dr. Green, but Batman may be a little too late, as some spooky shit starts to go down in Arkham.

The three doctors who wheeled Joker's body into the morgue begin to experience some ghost activity, with lights blowing left and right, as they begin to hear voices. Dr. Green remains in his office, and is alerted to all the cells automatically opening on their own, as he says to himself, "It's time then," as all of Arkham's worse begin to search for him. Even the Joker gets back up from the dead, cracking his neck back into position.

Batman arrives to the madhouse, and goes after all the rioting inmates, while elsewhere, Green is lured deeper into the madhouse by the voice of the little girl he killed years ago.

Batman eventually falls to all his enemies at once, but Maxie Zeus stops them from killing him, telling Batman what they've all seen. The little girl has taught them what Green had done to her, IE having been tortured. Zeus tells Batman to go to her "champion" as he's lead to Joker, who sees Batman, takes off his bloody sock puppet and hands it over. Joker tells Batman that "he wanted this." Batman asks what that means, but he soon finds out, as he finds Green's tortured, dead body.


So, I thought all in all this was a pretty good story. It gets a little, I don't want to say "hard to follow," because that's not exactly it... let's just say "loose." That fits, I think. So yeah, towards the end, the story isn't really as tight as it could be, then it just ends. Feels like it's missing one final scene. But, over all, it was an interesting story as a whole, and fit the LotDK mold pretty well.


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