Thursday, October 11, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #19

Remember Maxie Zeus? No? Well he's a guy, that exists. While Maxie was a relatively peaceful Arkham inmate, he starts to see the oracle (the greek one) and goes a bit crazy, somehow gets out of his unlocked cell, and starts breaking some necks. Average Thursday night at Arkham.

Maxie eventually goes for his Doctor, Noah Green, who seems to have been expecting such an attack. As Maxie starts to strangle him, he manages to utter the word "Kronos" which distracts Maxie for long enough to allow the just appeared Batman to knock him out.

Later, Batman, Gordon and Green all meet to discuss the previous night's events. Turns out Green managed to implement trigger words in Maxie's head, thus "Kronos" slowing him down. Still though, there's the question as to how he got out.

As Gordon and Batman leave, they discuss Dr. Green, who Batman doesn't seem to trust, a sentiment the Joker echoes, as they pass his cell. As Batman spooks Joker back further into his cell, then leaves, Joker is left to discuss the current state of Arkham with his lovely sock puppet.


Good start to the new arc... good that we're getting an actual arc, rather than single ten page stories. Maxie Zeus is definitely from deep within the obscure well, so I'm glad that Harris and company are doing something different, so far at least. Final thoughts in two weeks when this story concludes.

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