Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #13

So, Selina is out in Gotham, doing Catwoman stuff, you know... stuff. All is going well until she soon finds a plush kitten floating by a balloon. She soon realizes that it once belonged to her old friend/fence, Lola. She soon sees a figure in the shadows, and gives chase over the rooftops, eventually finding more possessions of Lola's, taunting her in a way. Eventually, everything leads to a dead end, and Selina must go in for the night.

The next morning in Selina's newly rented out suite, her new fence Gwen informs her of a new job they've got, and she's to meet the client at a chess club. Later that night, the client tells her of a giant chess game being played across the city... yeah... and she's to take one of the pieces, to knock out the other.

She does this all, and it turns out the chess pieces have people in it, and one blows up as Selina saves the other... yeah...


The Good:

Okay, so I'll start off by saying this wasn't nearly as a bad as the last issue. Not by a long shot. Sandoval's art was pretty great, and he's a welcome addition to the book, with out a doubt. The first 9 or so pages were pretty good... obviously the Joker taunting Selina, and I wish the whole issue just stuck to that because...

The Bad:

What the fuck happened in the second half of issue?! It just gets nonsensically bizzare. Human chess game... pieces blow up, the end... what? It's just weird. It just starts off with Selina meeting her contact in costume, wearing a hood and jacket, which just looks odd, then she does the job, which is, you guessed it, odd, then it just ends. Like, what was the point of all this? I'm at a loss, I can't even figure it out. As I said earlier, I wish this issue just stuck to the concept of the first 9 pages, Joker taunting Selina, would have been good. This seems like a perfect example of someone coming up with a good idea, but just keeps going, and adding shit to it, to the point where it just gets to be too much and get's ruined. I've been there before with some of the work I do, and I really see it here.

The Bottom Line:

Like I said, not as bad as #0, but that's a pretty easy feat. The art was great, but the story getting out of hand after the first half just left a bad taste in my mouth. Those last 11 pages just seemed so pointless, and a waste of time.



  1. I was confused as hell and not just about the plot. The dialogue seemed so dis-jointed, I couldn't tell what she was talking about. I kept hunting around for writing I'd overlooked to explain stuff. "I hate skin". What? Ummm....okay? And she says it again....Isn't she all about the sexy? Sexy but hating skin is creepy fetish land.

    1. I figured out the "I hate skin" line was about the fired chicken... Yeah I know, it still just was completely pointless.

  2. I thought 'skin' must be street slang for sonething. Like "I hate Skin" means "Stop touching my stuff", because that's all that was happening. The friend was touching the damaged toys. Otherwise it just seemed to come out of no-where. Bad, bad writing. I could not follow Selena's thought process at all.

  3. Ok, JUST seeing the bucket of chicken. I wondered what the hell she had in her hand. I thought it must be some secret thingy that would be important later. And in one pannel my first thought was that she was stuffing her bra...LOL!!! It should not be this hard to understand a comic.

  4. I was pretty entertained. A big improvement over #0, and I'm interested in where Nocenti goes with this. So far, she has a good handle on Selina's voice.
    I also LOVE Selina's new digs. This is exactly the kind of place that Selina should live. Very modern and classy.

  5. I think its pretty clear Nocenti is taking CW into a more lonesome road. Making her more feminist, more of an outcast and since she [Nocenti] is taking her back to her roots I think we can expect Selina to fly solo for a long while.
    It was a bit confusing at first, but the writing shouldn't get the only blame - the art should have depicted that Selina hates chicken skin. But they showed her with her hack towards us saying those words, so of course it's gonna be confusing. I as a reader actually got the chess game - the hidden message about scarification one for another, balancing with 'life is a game' sort of thing. But a regular person in CW's shoes would at least say to herself "Why the heel am I stealing a giant chess piece?" she should have opinions about her assignments, and the writer shouldn't be afraid to go there and make her more human.