Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #13

There's a bomb in Yokohama, Japan, and it's going off in 24 hours! OOOOOH SHIT!

Elsewhere, in Gotham, as the rest of the Birds heal up from being poisoned by... Poison Ivy, Katana goes out for a food run, and is soon met by a group of Yakuza warriors known as the Dagger Clan. In Katana's weakened state, she's easily defeated, as the clan steals her sword, which she believes her husband's soul to be in.

Katana soon finds her way to the hideout, and the rest of the team instantly know something's wrong. She's already planning on going for her sword, with or without the rest of the birds. Elsewhere, in Japan, a man in a flight suit, known as Condor, notices the Dagger Clan transporting some cargo, and figures he'll take a look. Some faces beaten in here and there, and soon enough, the mysterious Condor is met by Katana's sword.

Katana arrives in Japan, soon to be betrayed, and abducted by the Dagger Clan, whose leader seems to suggest she was once part of. He plans to bring Katana to the point of death, make her watch them melt down her sword, and then set off that bomb, poisoning her home for generations to come... Then, starling blows in a wall with an RPG, as the Birds burst in, Canarying crying and all (which makes Dinah feel something wrong in her body... more on that in a few issues).

The Birds are forced to retreat, but in order to get Katana to leave without her sword, Starling takes a prisoner so they can learn where to find it. Behind closed doors Starling implements some interrogation techniques her Uncle Earl (WHO WE STILL HAVEN'T MET!) taught her, and soon enough, she gets a name. Condor.


The Good:

Romano Molenaar continues to kick ass on the art. So glad he's on the book, he's bringing a really fitting, and consistent tone. Again, great character work here, and Starling still remains the best character to come out of the New 52. This wasn't the Yakuza story I was expecting to get, as I thought we'd be getting more traditional Yakuza, but still... pretty cool.

The Bad:

This book has a terrible habit of giving no closure. This is exactly the same problem issue 8 had coming from issue 7. Some big thing happens in the issue before, and by the time we get to the next issue, it feels as if we're missing a full issue in between. Short end, what the fuck happened with Poison Ivy?! It's just really annoying.

The Bottom Line:

This book is great, it has consistent art again, and great character work. If it wasn't for that big lingering thread, that will probably never be wrapped up, I really wouldn't have any problems with this issue. If it happens again, I'm going to go insane.


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  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that the panel of the week for this book will be Starling saying "Konichiwa, bitches" with her RPG. :D