Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #13

Batwoman and Wonder Woman are traveling through the ocean to find what essentially is the Arkham for Olympians. Kate is simply in awe of Diana, meanwhile Diana worries that Kate truly doesn't know what she's in for. As soon as the arrive at the hidden prison where Medusa should be held, it's obvious things have gone horribly wrong.

The labyrinth within the prison is unguarded, and dead bodies litter the floor. The duo come across a wounded sentry, but before they can find out what happened, they're soon encased by hundreds of giant centipedes of the goddess of night, Nyx.

Elsewhere, Chase and Mr. Bones discuss their options if Batwoman doesn't pull through. Options involve threatening her father some more, bringing her cousin into the fold, or a third option Bones doesn't even speak of.

Diana tries to reason with Nyx, asking where Medusa has gone, but it's no use, as Nyx only gives some cryptic hints... all until Kate whips out a DEO made flashbang based on Cyborg's tech. The flare destroys many of the centipedes, as Kate and Diana make their escape.

Elsewhere in Gotham, even though she's still in great pain, Bette begins her training with her uncle.

Kate and Diana continue to search for Medusa, seeking out one of her sons, Pegasus... and he's not a pretty winged horse, far from it... looks like a rotting corpse.


The Good:

DAT ART! Always. So good. The dynamic between Diana and Kate is fantastic. Here, we obviously got them working together, as opposed to issue #12 where they just met. There's a lot of narration between the two, but it fits for this kind of story, which has the feel of an ancient Greek epic. If that's the tone Williams and Blackman are going for, then they hit the mark pretty damn well.

The Bad:

Honestly? Not a whole lot. I don't have any complaints. If anything, it just sort of ended abruptly, with obscured shots of the new character.

The Bottom Line:

Fantastic art, met with a great narrative tone to the story, makes for a great package. Batwoman and Wonder Woman are a duo that don't make much sense on paper, but they totally work, thanks to some intangible elements. Everything just clicked in this issue.


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