Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #13

There's a new group of baddies in Tanisha, lead by a devious character named Father Lost. They're into ritualistic shit, you know, sacrificing humans and all. But a new hero by the name of Dawn breaks up their party, attempting to save who she can, all up until the police come barging in, at which point, the leader of this sect of the cult commands all the followers to kill themselves. Elsewhere, after Dawn escapes, she speaks to the grave of Rene, the woman who helped raised David, about her trials against Father Lost and his cult.

Elsewhere, in the middle of the day, a Father Lost possessed pilot hurdles towards Tinasha, with David struggling to keep up. Unable to open the cockpit, David can do only one thing, turn the plane's trajectory, and let it crash, killing the highly honored, yet possessed pilot, at a safe distance from any civilian life.

In the Tinashan police department, David speaks with his friend Kia, who was at the earlier Father Lost bust. When he sees her taking a cut of the deceased's money, he becomes concerned, but Kia fires back saying it is the only way her squad will trust her, unlike him. David senses something else is amiss, and apparently Kia's niece has been missing for a few days. I wonder who took her!?

David goes to interrogate the man the police caught from the Father Lost raid. As Batwing, he uses holograms to try and intimidate the man, but his ruse doesn't fool the possessed man, as he sees through the holograms, and touches David, who soon finds Father Lost inside his head. Kia quickly comes in and knocks David about the head, getting him free of Lost's influence, but at the same time, giving him a better idea of what he's dealing with.

Later, at another one of Lost's gathering, Dawn once again infiltrates, and begins to fight back "The Finders," but soon becomes outnumbered. Before she can be killed, Batwing shows up just in time! Because that's what happens...


The Good:

13 issues in, and I still just enjoy the general feel of the book. It's got a Bat flavor, but being so far across the world helps make it feel different at the same time. It's setting allows for new and weird rouges like Father Lost to be introduced, which I enjoy simply for the fact that it's new. Marcus To also remains a perfect fit for this book. His clean style gives everything a smooth look, and he even puts all sorts of different little details in background characters.

The Bad:

This issue hit the ground running, that's for sure. But I feel that it's a bit rushed. I don't actually know if it is rushed, or just the fact that I know Judd Winick's days are numbered on the title, so I get the sense that it could be. Either way, I didn't get a whole lot of sense of any breathing room in the issue.

The Bottom Line:

I've said before, this book is just pure fun. It won't blow anyone away, but it has consistently been enjoyable from issue #1 to #13. David is a fun character, and he's put into nothing but new situations (minus the Court of Owls tie in) which remains true to this issue.


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  1. I wouldn't say it was rushed--in fact, it felt kind-of like standard decompression, which I was honestly kind-of let down by. I seem to remember getting more out of this book--not that it's BAD now, I'm just not sure if we're getting as much of the goodness we were getting in the first arc, if that makes sense.