Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman Incorporated #4

In her Leviathan garb, Talia watches over the soon to reopen Monarch Theatre, as she speaks with The Heretic of her plans. She cares nothing of taking over Gotham, she just wants to destroy everything her beloved holds dear, for taking her son away from him. The Heretic asks Talia: "I thought I was your son?" But Talia cryptically answers him that all of Leviathan are her children, and the Heretic's time is soon to come.

Still being choked, "Matches" drops his lit match, as it lights a trail of gun powder that had been coming out of his pant leg, and before that creepy looking judge guy and his executioner can do anything, the doors blow, and Batman Inc storms Leviathan's fortress.

The Hood and Gaucho are the first in, as they're met with many of the members of the Seven Men of Death. All is going pretty well, until Gaucho gets shot in the hand by Merlyn, and The Hood doesn't fare that well either. "Wingman" and "Redbird" eventually join in the fight, and take out Merlyn together. Damian finds something familiar about Wignman, as they both find Bruce deep within the home.

Bruce isn't too happy to see Damian, but there's no time for it, as Bruce initiates phase two of his plan, as Nightwing, Red Robin, Knight, Freight Train, and Squire storm another wing of the house, meanwhile, Batwing uses super sonics to take down the Man-Bat Ninja's that Talia has sent.

Bruce's last order of business is to take care of Goatboy, who is holding Luna (that's her name?) at gun point, saying Leviathan gave him a better deal, buuuut, eventually gets stabbed in the neck with a fork, when he takes the gun away from Luna's head. Bruce tells her he knows that she was doing what she had to do for MS drugs intended for herself, and not a made up sister. He also tells the woman that he'll tell the police it was self defense.

As Inc is wrapping the scene up, Bruce addresses Talia, who he knows is listening, asking to meet with her. Talia tells him he made his choice, and that maybe if he tells their son about his "double agent" then she'll consider it. Realizing the jig is up, Wingman takes his mask off to reveal that it's Bat-Cow Jason Todd. 

Damian is shocked, and mad at the revelation. Jason explains that Bruce needed someone who has "seen both sides." Damian has a hard time accepting this all, as he begins to get emotional, asking his father what else is being kept from him. Bruce tells his son that it all has to end, Robin, Redbird, everything. He thought things could be different, but Talia has forced them into an impossible situation. He tells Damian that he has to go back to his mother, because if he doesn't, Gotham will burn, and the person responsible will be him...



The Good:

Remember how crazy Leviathan Strikes was, you know, the big crazy fight? Yeah, that's pretty much this issue, and it's awesome! The final scene? It was pretty intense to see Damian that emotional, on the verge of tears. Whenever a character like Damian, with his hard exterior, is brought to that point, there's something that is so genuinely heart-wrenching about it. Burnham's art especially conveyed that scene well, added that the first 18 pages were pretty damn awesome as well. In the end, the book is really ramping up, and Morrison is setting things up to go out with a bang, can't wait. 

The Bad: 

There's a certain lack of cohesion, which honestly, is kind of expected, since the major story beats were probably planned before The New 52. This can be both a blessing and a curse, but I think I'll address this in it's own post, possibly this weekend. There wasn't a whole lot of build up to the Jason reveal. That's who I thought it was, just because. Also, needs more Bat-Cow.

The Bottom Line: 

Despite the cohesion issue, and the lack of Jason build up, this book is still so insane and unique, it's really hard for me to actually hold anything against it. The roller coaster ride story, the emotional beats, and the art, all add up to one fantastic package. While you have books that are fantastic in their own right, like Batman, there will never be anything quite like Morrison's Batman Inc. 



  1. FUCK! I was so pissed when you crossed out Bat-Cow.

  2. I feel so bad for Damian. He HAS given up everything for Bruce only to have more secrets hidden away from him.

  3. Re bat-cow, did you see Burnham's tweet?

  4. I think it's verrry bittersweet. One, Jason's getting and taking his shot at redemption, and that's a really good thing. On the other hand, Damian. For all his snark and sarcasm, he's a kid who has just as many, if even more, abandonment issues as Jason does, and now it looks like his father doesn't want him anymore. It kind of makes it worse for him that Jason's getting drawn back into the fold, because Damian's child mind is likely to interpret this as "Father is getting rid of me because he has Todd now."