Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #13

After a long night studying up on the Joker, Damian sleeps in his room with Titus, until Bruce wakes him for some "maintenance" if you will. There's an eclipse over Gotham, and the solar activity can mess with some of Bruce's satelite tech, so he and Damian head into the sky with the batrocket, and make sure everything is in tip-top shape, especially since Bruce wants no malfunctions with the Joker back in town. While in the rocket, the two share some bonding moments, with Damian asking if Bruce ever loved Talia, and Bruce wanting to show Damian the shadow literally cast upon the earth. Nice stuff.

As they're descending, Bruce gets word from Gordon about a crime in the graveyard, leaving Damian to land the rocket himself, but elsewhere, a cult called the Saturn Club begin a spooky cult like ritual. When Damian gets back to the cave, he finds Titus barking, but tells his dog that Alfred will be back soon and feed him (OR WILL HE?!) and heads off.

While Bruce meets Gordon inspecting some dug up graves, Damian starts to scan the sewers, as we saw him do in the Night of the Owls issue, looking for something. It doesn't take long until a giant frog looking assassin attempts to claim the half billion dollar bounty on Damian's head, but Damian being Damian, beats the no name frog dude down pretty damn quickly.

Bruce calls in, as Damian lies, telling his father he's looking up some leads on the Joker. Bruce informs him of the empty grave situation, and tells him to go back to the cave due to the bounty, but Damian doesn't listen. The young Robin soon finds himself above ground with a bunch of people fleeing what looks to be a group of zombies, all chanting "eat to live." Damian fights them off valiantly, but as with most zombie movies, the numbers begin to overwhelm him, as he gets swallowed by the crowd.


The Good:

I enjoyed the moments between Bruce and Damian up in the rocket. Damian asking about his mother, then saying how she's dead to him. Damian and Titus are also pretty awesome. The cohesion with the Joker stuff is nice, as it at least acknowledges that it is going on, but yet, didn't warrant the "prelude" cover... even though it probably should have compared to another issue this week (guess which one). 

I'm also really interested to see what Damian is doing in the sewers. He mentions something about being done in a few months, or something like that, and I can't for the life of me guess what he's down there for.

The Bad:

First of all, the art switch. About 3/4 in, Tomas Giorello finishes up the art of the issue. On what I've seen, I'm not the biggest fan of Giorello, he's fine and all, but it's one of those instances where in comparison, the switch is really jarring. Mick Gray inks Gleason's pencils with such rich deep blacks, and compared to Giorello, who looks to have his stuff colored off of pencils, thus a lower contrast to his  pages, it's almost like going from a dark to bright room really fast, with out giving your eyes time to adjust.

Also, I got to say... I just feel like this two issue arc is treading water, waiting for the Joker story to begin. After the last arc, I can't help but feel this will turn out the same, not enough time to breath, or get to know the threat, then it's done. I feel like this book could have benefited from some one and done issues, as a pallet cleanser. 

Bottom Line:

I mean, it's alright. It has some good parts here and there between Bruce and Damian, but as a whole, there's nothing special to write home about, and the abrupt art switch bothered me.



  1. I enjoy that this book is the only one trying at least to tie argumental plots with batman inc. No other book mentioned the bounty hunters looking after damian. That's something not as common as it should be and I appreciate the gesture.