Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SPOILERS: Batgirl #13

Being stabbed in the side sucks, something Barbara Gordon can tell you at the moment, seeing that her new arch-nemesis just did so. Knightfall does some badgal gloating, and sure enough, takes her eyes off of Babs for just enough time for her to muster up some strength and punch Knightfall in the face some, all while her brother creepily watches on from the monitors.

Now, Babs is still pretty badly wounded, so her attack can't last long enough to keep Knightfall down, but instead of attacking Batgirl some more, Knightfall gives her back story, like most new bad guys tend to do. Daddy was a crooked real estate man who pushed his way to the top, paying off those who he needed to. Ms. Knightfall always wanted to impress him, all up until the point she met a boy named Terry... whooooooo ended up murdering her family and making her watch "for the lulz" (no really, that's a quote).

Remember that really effed up guy she was keeping in a cage? Meet Terry. See, Knightfall knew that he wouldn't truly be punished in prison, so she accepted her stay in Arkham, to learn, and she soon found out that the evils of Arkham had seeped out into the city, and that's why she intends to punish those evildoers.

Somewhere in Knightfall's rants, Babs realizes something... Knightfall is gone, there is no reasoning with her, so she simply tells her new foe, she is going to leave, and is going to take Terry and her other victims with her. This pisses Knightfall off, and in a rage, she attacks Babs. Luckily, Ricky, the guy Babs tried to save earlier ends up grabbing Knightfall's arm through his cage, allowing Babs to beat the shit out of her.

Melody McKenna and Batwoman eventually show up, to help get all the victims out, and arrest Knightfall. As they leave, Knightfall promises she'll be out by the next day due to all the people she has in her pocket, and will tear Gotham apart.

At her apartment, Babs inspects her wound, which she got stitched up by "a guy" Melody knew. Alysia introduces her to their new cat named Alaska (which coincidentally, Babs had a cat named Alaska when she was younger) and tells her that her mom is on the phone.

Babs answers the phone to hear her mother panicked as all hell, telling her daughter that there are some men outside her door, and she couldn't get in contact with her father. Soon enough, three men with clown masks, tropical shirts, and one with a camera barge into Babs's mother's apartment.

Elsewhere, in Arkham, Blackgate, and Belle Reve, the three members of Knightfall's honor guard all separately meet with the likes of Mirror, Gretel and Grotesque, offering them a chance to leave prison with one thing in mind... Batgirl.


The Good:

Benes' art is fantastic. He and Gail Simone work wonders with each other, and it really shows. Unlike the last three baddies, who I'll address later (well, at least one) I really got the sense that Knightfall really could be a big enemy to Babs, she just had that something, that aurora to her so to speak, that made me believe she was the real deal. Overall, I've found this Knightfall arc to be pretty damn enjoyable.

The Bad:

James Jr. I'm flip flopping so hard with him. I wanted him just not to be involved, but his involvement with Knightfall intrigued me, and now he's back to just being creepy and I want him gone again. Also, Mirror. I dreaded his return. If you recall, by the end of that first arc, I found his whole schtick so tedious and one note, that I just hoped he never showed up again.

"For the lulz" ...really?

Also... aside from that one page, this issue really had no business being all Death of the Family'd up.

Bottom Line:

Like I said, I've really enjoyed this arc, way more than the past arcs of this book. There are still a few things that irk me here and there, but add Ed Benes' general awesome art to me already enjoying this arc, and I'd say this issue finished pretty strong.


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