Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stack Rundown, 09/22/2012

HEY! Guess what, I read more Zero issues, as well as some other stuff. This week we've got wizards, princesses, and a Brian Azzarello analogue dressed in S&M gear hanging out with teenage girls! RAD!

Sword and Sorcery #0

I've been giving all the new series a shot this wave. I thought Phantom Stranger was fine, liked Team 7 and will probably loved Talon. Sword and Sorcery was the one that stood out, as in I wasn't sure I'd even bother. But I'm glad I did, because it's definitely the sleeper hit of this new wave, for me at least. I had no knowledge of Amethyst coming in, but what I got was a nice introduction to the whole re-imagined world. The big hightligh was the art, in few words, it's fantastic and colorful, Lopresti and Hi-Fi really did a great job on that end. The back up starring Beowulf in a apparently post-apoctalyptic DC Universe is quite interesting, there are some theories that this Beowulf may or may not be Deathstroke, but we'll have to see. There was a little bit of a "controversy" regarding the issue, but you know what... I typed out a long paragraph about my thoughts on the piece, but at the end of the day... whatever, not worth the time.

Wonder Woman #0

You know what's pretty funny? When you finish reading an issue of a book, sit back, and think: "wow, I just spent a full 20 pages watching S&M Brian Azzarello train Wonder Woman." Back when War was first introduced to the book, a lot of people made the connection between his appearance to that of writer Brian Azzraello's, but in this issue, seeing a much younger War, with a long red beard, hammers that point home, and it's pretty damn funny to have that in your mind the whole time. Nevertheless, I thought the issue was fantastic. Cliff Chiangs art is always perfect, so that should honestly go without saying. What I enjoyed a lot about this issue was the style it was told in. The writing, narration, etc all had a very silver-age retro vibe to it. And if you're stalking me, and want to call me out on my opinion on the use of thought bubbles, this is a case where it works, because the writing is so committed to the aesthetic style, where it can pull thought bubbles off... Teen Titans on the other hand, really can't.

Justice League #0

Except, not really... because there was no Justice League in this issue! Just Captain Marvel Shazam and Pandora! This was the issue many people have been waiting for, Billy Batson finally turns into Shazama... and uses his powers to get $20 from a lady, so he and Freddy can go buy beer... Fucking gold. That is awesome. I was laughing my ass off at that sight, but at the same time, it's a great way to illustrate that, despite his appearance, Shazam is still just a teenage boy. We also find out that indeed, it was Shazam The Wizard who sentenced Pandora and the rest of the Trinity of Sin to their current fates. Rorschach The Question also pops up too. So there's now a link between Billy and those three, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon style! Slowly but surely it seems that all of Geoff Johns New 52 plans are starting to form one cohesive story, and I'm loving watching it all form. You've got to wonder if Pandora, or more so, The Question will have a spotlight story... maybe they should give Geoff Johns a quick arc in DC Universe Presents to tell some more stories with those characters, thus probably bumping the sales significantly on that title... That one is free, DC.

Revival #3

This title continues to layer on... well, the layers. new details continue to be revealed, and new subplots spring up. It's seemingly a lot to keep track of at times, but remains enjoyable. I'm very interested in how or when this series is going to take that turn, where things start getting crazy. You have the dead coming back to life, the main character's sister one of those walking dead, the mystery of who killed said sister, a back woods John Constantine like character, and god knows what else. I just feel like the book is on the verge of some big twist, and here's to hoping it comes soon.

Artifacts #21

Ron Marz's trip through the recreated Top Cow universe continues, and concludes the haunted ghost story involving the new character who possesses the heart stone. This arc was an interesting change of pace that was a lot more secluded and low key. I'm not sure how Rachel Harrison will play into the Top Cow universe, or really what the heart stone actually does, but I did enjoy reading this story about her. But damn... I'm so ready for this book to get crazy again. I'm pretty sure the next arc involves the Magdalena, followed by an arc where Tom Judge reveals what happen with Jackie to Sara Pezzini, aka Jackie's real baby momma, and that will be the point where shit hits the fan, boy am I ready.

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