Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stack Rundown, 09/15/2012

It is a little after 10pm, I've had a frusturating day with Kinkos FedEx whatever, and have had a few beers... just remembered I have to write this post... LET'S DO THIS!

Team 7 #0

Four weeks, four new series. Team 7 was up this week from Justin Jordan and Jesus Merino. I enjoyed it a lot, it was one of those team building issues where we see the team get together. Black Canary, her soon to be "dead" husband Kurt, Deathstroke, Grifter, Amanda Waller, Alex Fairchild, and some new guys. What really took me surprise is how front and center Black Canary is. I knew from interviews she'd be a big part, but she really is dead center, which I can enjoy, because you know... she's all sorts of awesome. It has a big action movie feel, sort of like Mission Impossible, meets a few select scenes of Ocean's Eleven. I thought it would have been a cool idea to have this zero issue be the finale of the story, seeing that it's set five years in the past. Give us the ending up front, make it crazy, give us no context, and build to it. Would have been cool, but whatever. One thing that took me out of the issue was the coloring, there were a lot of mistakes... There's a page where Dinah goes brunette, and Kurt's hair goes black. Then later in the issue, Alex Fairchild is blonde, and an African American character is pretty damn white. Very inconsistent, hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Suicide Squad #0

Aka, the post-Team 7 Amanda Waller show. This issue is set sometime after the end of Team 7, and shows some scenes that give us an idea as to why Amanda has such a hard-on for taking down Basilisk, IE, an attack by them forced her to kill someone she believed to be a brother to her. It was alright. Nothing great. This is one of the handful of books I'm reading that is fine... but I wouldn't mind some new talent coming in and shaking up. This feels like what a lot of books felt like in the months leading up to the New 52, just stagnant and unexciting. It does what it does, and gets by. I'm just starting to get bored. One interesting thing that came from this issue is that it looks like Starling from Birds of Prey may have been a target of Waller's for the Squad. So who knows if that gets picked up in Birds next week.

Punk Rock Jesus #3

This book has the five year old clone of Jesus yelling "Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!" If that doesn't sell you on this book immediately, I don't know what will. But in all honesty, Sean Murphy has hit this book out of the park. I remember reading how he intended to get someone to help him write it, but I'm glad the folks at Vertigo backed him so much, this series has turned out so well. Not only is the art fantastic, it tells a clever story that shines a light on some of the less than attractive facets of our every day like, like pop culture media. The end also takes quite a turn that I didn't necessarily expect (see header image). With those possible elements in play through out the remainder of the series, it will be interesting to see where this book goes in the last half.

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #4

I've got to say, I'm not enjoying this mini series as much as Survival of the Fittest. A lot of it has to do is with the pacing. With next month's issue being the final issue, it's one of those series that really feels as if it needs just one more issue. Where SotF was with the fourth issue, by the end, we had the very beginning of the final set piece. The stage was set for a big crazy final issue. But with LoN, it merely says what they have to do, next issue, but leaves the characters in the middle of nowhere Russia. So next issue, it just feels as if there's is going to need to be a set up in that issue, let alone the finale. There's a lot to do in #5, and with #4 feeling like it is missing something, I'm not sure if #5 will be able to pull it off well.

The Darkness #106

This is The Darkness I wan't to read. Wasn't able to get into Hester's run, for whatever reason, but this... this is awesome. I'm just a fan of David Hine's stories. He brings a real twisted sense to these types of books. Hine does a great job of making Jackie this badass character who would like to believe he's in complete control of his world (that he just rebuilt from nothing) but at the same time, just slowly build up the creepy atmosphere around him, that will soon suffocate him. I'm just waiting for the moment it all falls apart. The cracks are beginning to show, with Jackie's doppelgänger being fucked, Jenny's mental stability slipping, Hope being creepy as shit, and slight aspects of reality itself beginning to fade, but we're not quite there yet, not at the big boom. It's one of those books where you just feel something is coming, and the anticipation is killer.

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