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Stack Rundown, 09/08/2012

It was the beginning of Zero Month, and I read quite a few titles... well, only one more than I usually did, but Green Lantern got bumped up a week, thus felt like I read more... that and Phantom Stranger.

Swamp Thing #0

The origin of Alec Holland was up first. Told mostly from the point of view of the current baddy, Anton Arcane, Scott Snyder tweaked the origin of Alec a little bit. Still ran out of a burning building into the swamp, but rather than some thugs causing it, Arcane caused the explosion, as he had been serial killing future avatars of the Green and Red. Snyder explained the reasoning behind the switch on his twitter, so you can look it up there... Oh, there was also straight up baby killing in the issue as well, you know, stuff for the kids, written by a dude with two young sons. Family stuff. Kano filled drew the issue, and I've got to say, if the Wonder Woman Year One thing is true, I nominate Kano to take over. Marco Rudy has done a great job, but I liked Kano more in this issue.

Animal Man #0

So, this pretty much mirrored the Swamp Thing issue, just from the Red's point of view, and the Parliament of Limb's reaction to Arcane killing avatars of the red. It tweaked the aliens gave Buddy his powers, by making those aliens actually agents of the red, appearing to Buddy as aliens to give him a story to latch on to, of sorts. I liked this one equally as much as I did the Swamp Thing one, and plus, this had Buddy in a giant chick suit, so that's a plus...

Green Lantern #0

And here comes Baz, the new Green Lantern. Arab-American who grew up in a post 9/11 world, got into stealing cars, and framed for a terror attack. I loved the issue, I'm looking forward to what Baz does with the ring, and how this all turns out. Also, Hal and Sinestro aren't dead! They're in some dark land... or something. Naturally, there was a lot of blow back from this issue, given the terror stuff with an Arab character, another Green Lantern being male, so on and so on. It's funny, most of the stuff I read that was really trying to be politically correct, was really just ridiculously ignorant and people just talking out their ass. The best complaint I saw was "is DC afraid to take risks?" Yeah, because uprooting the white guy who had starred in the book for years, just a week prior, and replacing him with an Arab character, which there aren't a whole lot of, isn't taking that big of a risk... stupid, stupid.

Earth 2 #0

Remeber those big ass craters in Earth 2 #1? Well, Terry Sloan made those, after blowing up a bunch of cities that were controlled by the Anti-Life equation. Sloan is taking the Ozymandias route of things, being the bad guy to save the world, you know... that sort of stuff. Nicola Scott wasn't illustrating this issue, wasn't feeling the art as much, she's one of those artists who is just hard to replace.. You can put someone who is good in there, but is it good enough to match Scott? Most likely, no.

Action Comics #0

I'll be honest, this was probably my favorite issue of Grant Morrison's Action Comics. Just very simple, straight to the point, and heartfelt. It REALLY reminded me of All Star Superman, which is primarily the only reason I'm reading this title (Morrison+Superman). I've made it clear that I'm not a huge Superman fan, so there are times where Morrison quite honestly loses me at times within this book, but this... very easy to digest, so to speak. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I also feel like I got more out of this issue after reading Morrison's book Super Gods, seeing as how in depth he speaks about Superman in there. Also, say hello to old friend Ben Oliver, who hasn't been seen on interior duty since Batwing. I wouldn't mind him doing more of Morrison's issues, but I'm gonna doubt that'll happen.

Dial H #0

I think I'm done with this book. It is well written, and illustrated just as well, but it just doesn't register in my mind. I believe I've said this before, it just doesn't stick, and this issue was no different, I've completely lost interest. I've also have begun to wonder why it's a "New 52" title. I kind of have a problem with it, being that the New 52. First of all, it has purely Veritgo editors, not just Karen Berger, and a DC editor, but Karen Berger and now two different Vertigo editors... I'm pretty sure it was a Vertigo title at some point. But the big thing is, with the New 52 titles being limited (as in, no new titles can come out until others are cancelled) I kind of wish something more relevant to the shared universe took Dial H's place under The New 52. Dial H doesn't contribute anything tangible to the universe, and doesn't use it's setting within the universe at all. At the same time, if it became littered with characters like Batman and Superman, it would probably be ruined. I don't see why this book couldn't be published "Outside the New 52," be exactly the same, and allow a more relevant title to exist within the DCU.

Phantom Stranger #0

This was the question of the week: would this book be good? Dan Didio doesn't have a great writing record, let's just say that. But you know what... it was pretty alright. Nothing earth shaking, a little basic, and heavy handed with the Judas stuff, but you know what? I'll be damned, it was enjoyable. It's got somewhat of a retro vibe going on, especially in the art. It should be interesting where this book goes, especially since it just dropped Spectre out of no where, and went all "NEXT IS TRIGON!" I've really got to believe this book is pure set up for a lot of what is going to happen later int he DCU. Geoff Johns is probably whispering into Didio's ear, giving him "ideas" of what to do. I don't necessarily have an issue with this. 

Thief of Thieves #8

So, I didn't know this series was Robert Kirkman + a rotating team of writers for every arc... that's what it is, right? Nevertheless, with out Spencer here, the series was still great. It's very clear why the book was picked up for a TV series, because it's already very formatted as such. Still a really good book.

Invincible #... uh, up to the Viltrumite War

Speaking of Robert Kirkman, still reading Invincible. I'm on a hiatus at the moment, took in a lot, really quickly, but then spoiled myself on some stuff that is coming up later, and some changes to the title, but I'll pick it up in a bit. Anyways, I read "Invincible War" and thought it was pretty fucking crazy, but then came the fight with Conquest... holy mother of head smashing god, was that the absolutely most ridiculous fight I've ever seen in a comic book. FUCKING BRUTAL. The final pages where Mark is just headbutting Conquests' face in was so damn intense. Mark is like the Driver from Drive... just goes apeshit sometimes, and in a big way. I expect the next storyline to be pretty crazy as well.

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