Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stack Rundown, 09/01/2012

It was annual week, and outside of the Superman one, I read them all, so let's get into the JLI and Green Lantern fun.

Justice League International Annual #1

Ask me which issue was better, Justice League #12, or this annual, and I'll probably tell you the annual was better. To sum up basically what happens, Guy Gardner quits, The Olympian and Blue Beetle join, and Brother Eye takes over Kevin Kho (OMAC) once again, and begins to use the JLI's tech to upload himself back into the satellite, with aid of his new programmer. Booster is able to get Skeets to split the OMAC protocal from Kevin Kho's body, and temporarily win. Here's where it gets interesting, as he does that, time freezes, and he's bet by another version of himself from the future, sporting an ARGUS logo. Future Booster tells his old self that he has to stop Superman and Wonder woman from hooking up (the ultimate time traveling cockblock?) or they'll cease to exist. But, it turns out, he's too late, and as he says "I shouldn't have trusted him!" Booster fades into nothingness, as does the present time one. Elsewhere, at STAR Labs, Batman watches over Kevin Kho in Cyborg's father's care. As he leaves, Brother Eye contacts him, threatening Batman about his new programer, saying "he's coming." So yeah. In a nutshell, this is how Justice League #12 should have handled things, actually shown some potential consequences, rather than "OMG THEY KISSED!" and set up some fucking profiles. This provided a lot of hints and teases for what's to come next year, something Justice League didn't do with out the aid of specifically drawn "COMING NEXT YEAR" teaser pages.

The Flash Annual #1 

This was a really good annual from The Flash team, finally answered a lot of questions that had been brought up through out the year, mainly, why and how the Rouges got actual powers, rather than use the weapons they possessed, and why they broke up. The issue was made up of short chapters, all drawn by a different artist, but as a whole, the entire thing fit pretty well together. I liked how in the past two issues they've set up the Doctor Elias character as this sort of morally grey villain, conducting "social experiments" and giving the Rogues they're powers. He's definitely become more interesting in the span of what, two weeks? There was no big game changer to come out of this annual, but instead, it set up the next story line with the Gorilla army invading Central City. That being said, we got cold hard answers, and I enjoyed it simply for that, seeing that answers are somewhat of a rare occurrence in super hero comics.

Green Lantern Annual #1

I'm sorry, did I not say Hal Jordan was going to die? Because he did... and so did Sinestro. Yep, Geoff Johns is going all GL crazy again, Hal dead (and probably a black lantern,) Sinestro dead, Black Hand being captured by the guardians, the First Lantern, the Third Army. SHIT'S GOING CRAY CRAY. You know what's amazing though? How much I've stuck to this. I'm still on board 100%. I mean, what, this has been going on since 2004? Right? And the thing is, it still all feels pretty damn cohesive. I remember reading the Sinestro Corps War and thinking "man, fuck the Guardians, they're the real bad guys" and it's FINALLY being addressed. Johns has kept this ride going through so many twists and turns, and I love it all. It's going to be a really, really sad day when the epic comes to an end. I don't know if I'll even continue to still be interested in Green Lantern after he's done, there would just be no comparison. 

Aquaman #12

Ivan Reis is a beast, that's pretty much this issue in a nutshell. That dude can draw. That was the highlight of the issue, as the rest of it was just mostly fighting between Aquaman and Black Manta. Did I mention Ivan Reis is awesome? That double page spread! Holy crap. One of the Others sacrificed himself in order to save Arthur, and that scene was also drawn by Ivan Reis, and thus, was awesome. Ivan Reis is awesome... seriously.

American Vampire #30

My emotions! Seriously... Pearl fucked Skinner! Whaaaaat?! I get the grief, and all that, but man... I don't know what to think about this, especially given the fact that at the end of the day, Skinner is one devious motherfucker. Oh, and of course Henry wakes up while it's happening, of course. Damn it Snyder, stop making this book so good. But really... this book's direction is about to get really crazy, I can feel it. I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this arc, and I don't want to, until I get that final issue. This series was great from issue #1, and it has consistently grown, and gotten better, it really has. Only complaint? Needs more Travis Kidd... he was awesome! I want him back already.

Invincible #15 - 40 something...ish

As you may recall, I started reading Invincible a week or so back, and I've been burning through the issues pretty quickly. I took a short break after my last post, but I've been getting deep into the second digital omnibus that collects issues #30-60. The book is where I wanted it to be at, it has really opened up, and is really pretty fun. Lots of characters, lots to care about, and some surprisingly grim events every now and then. I'm definitely hooked. The only thing I can knock against it is the fact that every now and then, Kirkman's dialogue gets super wordy. It's ridiculous. It's not wordy in the sense of a Grant Morrison script where he's packing in all these details, references, and meta texts, it's just wordy is in these characters like to fucking talk... a lot (that's not even the worst, just most convenient at the time). And it's not like I'm opposed to reading, given some of the authors whose stuff I consume, but when you get page after page of characters just blabbering on, with a vast majority of it being inconsequential detail, it gets pretty tedious, especially when you're reading as many issues as I am in a short period of time. There were points where I literally groaned when I went to the next page. Regardless, still a really fun book.

Witchblade #159

Fun fact, I believe I read the entirety of Ron Marz's Witchblade run between the time issues #158 and #159 came out. It feels like it has been much longer than a month. This issue saw the introduction of a new character who is essentially the anti-christ version of the Magdalena, as she and her creepily upbeat personality trie to kill off public messiahs. What I really enjoyed about this issue was a seemingly small scene that confirmed that the Sara/Gleason relationship still happened. Sara puts on a shirt, that was one of Gleason's and just reminisces about him a bit. When I jumped on board, I thought a lot of stuff had been wiped, and got really bummed when I started getting attached to all the characters in Ron Marz's run. So the fact that the relationship between those two still stands, really made me happy. You know what didn't? I realized this issue was only 18 story pages long... then I went back and figured out that all the issues in this run have been 18 pages long, and that kind of annoys me...


  1. Hal and Sinestro may still be alive inside the ring, but we'll have to wait and see. Also, I hear Johns intends to write GL until he dies so that's still a while away.

    1. IN the ring? I don't know. I can't say about Sinestro, but I'm willing to bet Hal is somewhere, as a black lantern. If you look at the art, his skin started to change and his ring turned into a black lantern corps ring. Won't be surprised if that's the next big story after the Third Army.