Thursday, September 27, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #17

So, Hobos are going missing in Gotham, and Batman is on the case, as he's found quite the bloody scene, as if an animal killed someone. Swinging through the skyscrapers, Batman finally finds what killed the missing hobos... a dragon.

Yep, a fucking dragon!

Batman does battle with the dragon, trying to subdue it, by using tranqs, nets, and electrical charges, but nothing works, and the fight eventually makes its way into the sewers. Batman can smell something on the dragon, a sort of bile like smell, and comes to the conclusion that it is killing it from the inside. But even after it gets hit by a power line, the dragon keeps coming, up until Killer Croc appearing behind it, and snapping its neck.

Turns out Croc was trying to make the dragon more human like him, even had some scientist? Basically, Croc wanted someone else like him, a family of sorts. He leaves the doctor with Batman, and gives him a pass, since he tried to save it, walking off into the dark with the corpse of his buddy.


Alright, I get the whole concept of Croc wanting to make someone like himself, but where the fuck did he get a dragon!? It's not even addressed, it's just totally normal to all these guys, just a freaking dragon, whatever man! It was just a little too ridiculous for me, and the themes seemed forced at the end. On the positive side, there was some good art from writer/artist Michael Avon Oeming, so there's that.


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  1. You say "Turns out Croc was trying to make the dragon more human like him" and nowhere in this comic does Croc say he found the dragon. His exact words were:"I made it. I wanted a thing of my own. To be more than an animal." I took that to mean he literally created it. Not just happened to find a dragon.