Thursday, September 13, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #15

Somewhere in Gotham, while two parents are trying to sleep, their kid calls out to them constantly. With the whole "we have to let him learn to sleep alone, let's ignore him approach" the father eventually breaks and checks up on his son. Well, turns out he isn't there! Then, another abduction happens in the same night. Coincidence is, both kids recently had surgery related to the epilepsy. Coincidence? Batman thinks not!

Batman finds the link between the two kids, both had the same surgeon. So naturally, he looks for the surgeon, to find him missing. So he looks through some files, and finds that Two Face is probably the one who took everyone.

Batman finds Two Face's hide out, and barges in on a surgery in progress, where the kids are being held hostage... for some reason. The surgery is being done to attempt and split both sides of Harvey's brains so only one controls the other... or something.


Let me finish. The procedure is "finished" but the Doc pulls a fast one and drops some anesthesia on the Two Face side of Harvey's brain. A fire starts in the operating room, and Batman gets everyone out.

On the roof, Harvey still has a gun, and Batman asks Harvey to give it to him, before the Two Face side comes back. But it slowly does begin to come back, and Harvey points the gun to his side of his head, but Batman stops him before he pulls the trigger.

Sending Harvey back to jail, the Two Face side tells Batman that all he did was trap Harvey in there with him, and that the Harvey side was just trying to escape.


Yeah, as you can tell by my rushed up write up, I didn't enjoy this issue too much. I just... I don't know, I thought it was just kinda dumb, you know? There was nothing really unique to it, and it felt like it was just going through the Two Face motions. Why abduct the kids? To make sure the surgeon does what he's told? Yeah, I'm pretty sure a gun to his face would work on that. Bleh, it just felt forced to me. The art didn't help my thoughts on this either, as there were just a bunch of panels that looked as if Batman was making a face (there's one where he looks like the Me Gusta meme), which can be funny if you imagine Batman is just making faces at people behind their back... but that isn't the real case.

It wasn't terrible... it just wasn't that good.


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  1. "Why abduct the kids? To make sure the surgeon does what he's told? Yeah, I'm pretty sure a gun to his face would work on that."

    Not exactly. In the scene where we see the surgeon has been kidnapped, Batman explains that the kids were kidnapped so the effects of the surgery could be studied. I take it that Harvey wanted to see first-hand if the procedure would work, and after that, the kids served an appropriately dual purpose of being hostages to ensure that the surgery could be completed. So I think it all works in a rather classic Two-Face way.