Thursday, September 6, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #14

Colin West is an actor who just so happens to be playing Batman in an upcoming movie, shot on location in Gotham. Talking to the director, Colin has some issues getting into character, issues Christian Bale would never have. He just doesn't get Batman. His director tries to explain best he can, but eventually just settles for whatever conclusion Colin comes from, as they need to get back to set.

Green screens, dudes with mo cap suits, and floating tennis balls... none of which Christopher Nolan would use, are in play on set. Before filming can commence, Bruce Wayne decides to take a visit to set. He gets introduced to Colin, who compliments Gotham, but Bruce seems more interested in the leading lady of the film, and walks off.

Just as they're about to continue filming, the director is knocked out by none other than a rather dapper looking Joker, with Harley dressed up like Marilyn Monroe, behind him. Seems like Joker has taken over the film, and going a more gritty route, with twelve bombs planted around set. Joker turns his attention towards Colin, and doesn't seem too impressed. But before he can detonate the bombs with his trigger, a batarang comes flying through the air, and hits his hand as the real Batman shows up.

Batman tells Joker that he's already disabled the twelve bombs, but being the devious clown he is, Joker reminds himself that he forgot to mention the lucky thirteenth bomb, and detonates it.

Batman wakes up next to Colin in the rubble, with Joker looking for them, wielding a machete (that's new). Colin asks Batman what to do, as he gets knocked out by some sleeping gas, as Batman tells him to trust him.

Joker passes a knocked out Batman, believing it to be Colin, and pays it no attention. He finds a second body, believing it to be Batman, but on further exception, he sees a blonde tuft of hair coming out of the  damaged cowl, and before he can put the pieces together, the real Batman, who he passed, knocks him out.

Colin wakes up to Batman dragging Joker away. Batman asks if he's alright, and Colin believes he is. Before Batman leaves, Colin asks to help make him understand why he does this. Batman looks back at Colin and just smiles, before dragging Joker off.


Good one shot story. A little predictable, as soon as Bruce Wayne showed up, I thought "and Joker is going to appear in a director's costume." I was actually hoping Batman himself wouldn't be in this, or Colin would somehow beat Joker, with Batman showing up at the very end. To be quite honest, this reminded me of a Fairly Odd Parents episode (which I think had Adam West in it) Super hero movie, bad guy shows up, real super hero shows up, that whole deal.

While the story and art was by itself fine, as I just mentioned, it was expected, above all else. That's partially due to Joker. I made mention on twitter just before writing this up, that I really wish we'd get more stories that don't involve Joker. Give me a Poison Ivy story, hell Killer Moth's revenge! There's so much to do in Gotham! I understand that some of the talent working on these issues probably won't get a shot to write Batman in any larger sense, so the allure of writing both him and the Joker is great, but it's getting to the point where because this is a weekly release, Joker fatigue is getting high within the title... and will soon be shadowed in Joker.

But, I will end it on a positive note, this was another issue of the series that really reminded me of the animated show... and another animated show, as mentioned, but whatever.



  1. nooo! You can never have enough Joker! Gimme gimme!

  2. I hope they do more one part stories, I really like the humour that can be put into them.
    With short stories you can do a 'normal' day for someone, with a flat tyre or staining a shirt or getting pulled over by the cops and so forth.

    Just a chance for all the writers to do something a bit different

    1. The next four are all one shot stories.