Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #0

Selina Kyle is at a secretary position of sorts, as part of a program sponsored by the Mayor's office, to get kids off the street, and in jobs. A year prior, she had been caught in the act of theft, roughed up a bit, and thrown into an alley, where the man who brought her into the position found her.

While at work, Selina gets her nerdy coworker to help her out on the computers and look up her and her brother in the system, as they were split between foster homes. Selina isn't coming up in the system by name, but she finds a picture of herself, but under a different name, something in russian. When they open up the file, the whole computer system crashes and goes dark.

Flash back even more years ago, while Selina and her unnamed brother were trained to steal things off the street from her corrupt orphanage head... lady... whatever, can't think of the position's name at the moment.

Back at the office, the guy who brought Selina into the fold asks for a moment with her, as they begin to speak, and go to the roof of the building.

Again we flashback to just prior to Selina getting caught that one time, where in a bar, proposed mark catches her in the middle of her "I'm a surgeon act" pointing out her dirty fingernails, which a surgeon would never have. Embarrassed, Selina runs into an alley, starts crying, and looks to find something to steal... Yeah, I'll get back to this scene later. Gets caught, beat up, thrown into the alley, dude finds her, and back to the present, at least of this story.

The guy who hired her starts talking about how she could rise to the top, blah blah, but he needs to trust her, and brings up the computer failure earlier. He asked why she was looking at her file, and that it was a trigger, and he thought he could trust her. Obviously there was something in that file he didn't want her to find... so fast forward through some melodramatics, and he throws her off the route.

Yep, we're going the falls to her death, gets surrounded by cats, and is miraculously fine route... How original. Meanwhile, the dude who pushed her looks freaked the fuck out... after clearly pushing her. I don't know.

So Catwoman is born, she steals things, and all that. She later goes back to find someone who worked at the office she was at, demanding the files on Selina Kyle. But the dude doesn't know what she's talking about, but that's not good enough, as Selina... in her own words, spits out this little gem: "Selina Kyle exists, she worked there. I saw the file! I saw things... But they're gone, I can't remember them. I've got to remember!" Yep. But the files are nuked, there was no record of Selina Kyle ever.


So... can Judd Winick come back?

This wasn't a great start to Nocenti's run on the title. Jumps around WAY too much. Dialogue is pretty cringe-worthy at times, characterization is erratic, and a lot of other stuff I just didn't like. One of the big things I just hated was Selina's actions. She gets caught posing as someone she's not, so she starts uncontrollably crying, and goes to some random building to steal jewels, while still crying. Do you know how fucking insane she looks in that scene? Then there's just some dude who hires street kid in the alley... alright? Then, a year later, he gives a Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man performance of "WHY DID YOU SNOOP!" and pushes Selina off the roof.


Look, I realize that there were some complaints about Judd Winick's run on the book, and those who had issue with him got what they wanted. Lord knows it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't nearly as bad as this.



  1. so....can we say the story matches the cover?

  2. I'm just glad the hooker origin is FINALLY out. I've always hated it. Although why it took DC so long to give Selina the "Batman Returns" origin is a little weird.

  3. I was enjoying Winick's run. This is was just bad.

    And I do NOT like this new origin. She's Russian now, and has a long lost brother? Fuck that. I was really hoping they would just stream line the Darwyn Cooke and Year One versions.

    The art was good though.

  4. Yeah, I don't like Selina being Russian either. Are they giving her the Black Widow treatment? Selina is half-Irish, half-Hispanic. I would have preferred that they confirmed her as the daughter of Carmine Falcone as hinted in Dark Victory.

  5. I really liked Winick's run on this title. And had some hope that Nocenti would not screw her up. But now... oh fuck.