Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #0

Not too long ago, Dinah Lance has come back to Gotham after Team 7 and the "death" of her husband, Kurt. But old habits are hard to kick, as Dinah knows of a Basilisk deal going down in Gotham, and the one place to go to find an arms deal going down is Penguin's Iceberg Casino, where Dinah "auditions" to be one of Penguin's beautiful, bird themed, henchwomen. Coincidentally enough, this is where Dinah meets Ev Crawford, aka Starling.

Some weeks later, while on guard in the casino, Dinah spots the man she's looking for, the one with the bomb similar to the one found in Suicide Squad #0. But just before Dinah moves in, Batgirl comes crashing through the roof, and starts stirring up all sorts of commotion.

Having to play the part, Dinah goes at it with Babs, eventually throwing her out a window, where she can tell Babs that she's undercover. As she's doing so, she sees the buyer of the bomb, run off. Babs notices the man too, and is apparently after the same person. Dinah tells Babs to go and get the seller, while she takes care of the buyer with her sonic scream.

Dragging the man back into the Casino, Dinah finds Ev pointing a gun to Babs' head, with Penguin telling her to shoot. Dinah tries to talk down Ev, telling her to trust her, as she explains the situation. Next thing you know, Dinah, Babs and Ev, along with the buyer, are on a speed boat, getting the hell out of Penguin's casino.

As Dinah winds down, she thinks over the situation, contemplating what will soon be the idea to gather up the Birds.

Meanwhile, Ev sits alone in a dinner and gets contacted by none other than Amanda Waller, telling Ev to continue her friendship with Dinah, and to see where it goes. Ev asks where exactly it should go, but Waller tells her not to worry, as she'll let her know when it's time to make a move. Oh and by the way, the reason why Kurt is still alive? Waller's got him in some sort of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back regeneration tube of some sorts...


Okay, there was this weird time issue with a "one year ago" thing that makes no sense, but as I have said before, don't pay attention to those, they won't make complete sense, ever. But nevertheless, loved this issue. Great interaction and introduction between all the characters, and cool little twist at the end with Waller and Ev (which I kind of called last week!). Molenaar's art was pretty good, good enough for me to REALLY hope he has a nice lengthy run on the title, as it needs consistent art. Love this book, and love the characters. What else is new?


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