Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #0 (again!)

The format of this issue is told as Kate leaving a message for her father, before heading off to find, and defeat Medusa. She goes through her entire past, when her and her sister where kids, the supposed death of Beth and her mother, her training, and finding out Beth was alive. It would be very hard, and time consuming to write up spoilers of everything she said, so I'll stick to the meatier parts.

Prior to Kate becoming Batwoman, and after being left by Montoya, Kate fell into a depression, and abused alcohol very heavily. Then the faithful night with Batman came. Kate started her vigilante mission, almost wanting to be found out by her father.

Then we get to see a more in-depth look to Kate's training. She learned to deal with being tortured in the catacombs of france, learned how to fight in Serbia, survived a hike across the Sahara, and learned of the true evils of the world, watching and listening to tapes of abducted runaways being tortured in Prague.

Her final test was to rescue a Russian family that had been kidnapped, and hidden in the desolate Prypiat. When Kate came across the family, a masked man had slit each and every throat. Kate went into a rage to fight the man, eventually putting the knife to his throat, but she couldn't do it. Then the man spoke, it was her father. The bodies were fake, and it was all a test, to see if Kate would ever cross the line.

Kate begins to finish her message to her father by saying she still hadn't become Batwoman. She never made the full change until the point where she realized she couldn't trust the one person she thought she could... him. Nevertheless, as she signs off, still angry at her father, she tells him she loves him.


So, I was really curious to see how they were going to pull this off, given that we have already seen Kate's origin, and there has been a 0 issue before. It was pretty fantastic. The format of the issue was very well constructed, and Kate's message to her father was very genuine, and heartfelt. The art is fantastic, with Williams sticking to the same style he used through out most of Kate's origin in elegy. Not a single double page spread, but the art is just as gorgeous. I'm just really glad they were able to make this 0 issue unique and different than the last. Pulled it off flawlessly.


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  1. This was, for me, the best issue so far... awesome art, great heart-felt writing. I loved everything about it!