Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #0

Shortly after having been taken in, David is found on the streets, beating the crap out of multiple men for attacking a girl, by Matu Ba, and a woman named Rene Diallo. As Matu pulls David off the men, Rene attempts to calm him down, despite knowing that David's claims of the men deserving punishment are true. Rene tells David that there are better ways, which he is destined for.

Years later, David is new on the job as a Tinasha policeman, and already sickened by the corruption that has taken up roots within the system. He confides in Rene his frustrations, but she can do little to ease David's anger, telling him that he must make an example of himself. Later that night, Rene speaks to Matu in the car, again agreeing with David, but knowing that the police force is the best place for him, for now. The conversation is cut short, as the car is attacked by a former solider with newly found powers by the name Death Jack.

Later that night, David rushes into the hospital, needing to be held back by doctors. While Matu's injuries are severe, he'll pull through, but Rene on the other hand is hooked up on life support. Kneeling next to Rene's bed, David wishes he could stay with her, but he's "drawn elsewhere"

It doesn't take David long to scrap together an impromptu costume and find Death Jack. Despite having no powers of his own, or any tech to help him, David easily beats Death Jack, and pretty ruthlessly too. Instead of killing him, David leaves him strung up, refusing to honor his enemy in blood.

Visiting Rene's grave, David now believes his form of justice is his best option, and he begins to protect Tinasha form all the various evils that inhabit it. Despite Matu's noting of David being just a man, insufficiently suited for his brand of justice, David continues his fight, eventually leading him to one of Blood Tiger's men. As the fight concludes, a shadow is cast over David, by a man who has an opportunity for him.

Later, in Gotham, both David and Matu are escorted (blindfolded) to the Batcave, where Batman presents David with a job offer of sorts, to join Batman Incorporated. David and Matu are both in awe at the sight of the Batcave, but that doesn't stop David from accepting the offer with one condition, he'll need better equipment. Batman figured that, and shows David something he's been working on, the Batwing suit.


Loved this issue. If you ask me, Batwing is one of the break out stars of the New 52, just no one knows it yet. His past is so fertile that this origin story didn't feel redundant at all, given the fact that much of the first arc was also based on his origin. There's just so much story to tell, and Winick did it very well. David is a character that has a real sense of... well, character. He isn't some generic Batman clone, he's unique, has a personality of his own, and an interesting back story, which I greatly welcome being expanded upon. This is an example of what these zero issues should be, filling in gaps that have been left open, but not retelling a story we all know.


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