Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #0

Happy Birthday Damian! What do you want for your birthday? To kick your mother's ass? Cool! Go for it! Now, now... let's not get too ahead of ourselves, he has a perfectly good reason for it... he wants to know who his dad is, and Talia won't tell him until he beats her in a fight. What great family values.

From Damian's birth, he was trained to be the most deadly assassin and heir to the Al'Ghul name, but secrets were kept from him, by his mother... mainly that his father was Batman. But Damian would find clues of him around Talia's estate, like an old cape and cowl of his father's.

The only way Talia would tell her son of his father, was if he beat her in a duel, conducted every year on his birthday. Over the years, Damian would consistently fail, and continue training for the next year. This continued all up until the most recent of Damian's birthdays, where he completely obliterated many of his mother's Man-Bat Ninjas, and ultimately defeats his mother. His prize? His father's ID.

Then we just get into a recreating of the scene where Damian and Bruce meet in Batman & Son.


So yeah, not a whole lot of meat to this issue, that is, if you're not a new comer to the franchise. If you know Damian, there's not a whole lot of new info to go by here. That being said, as a whole, the issue was executed very well. Patrick Gleason's art was pretty damn fantastic this issue, especially with the way Damian movies, something I don't believe I've commented on enough. All in all, it was a really good issue, but don't be expecting anything all too new if you're a seasoned vet, like myself.



  1. I loved the pane showing him as a baby! Hard to believe that tiny thing turned into such a brat!

  2. Damian as a 4-year-old(?) in the Cowl is now the background on my iPad. Interestingly this is the 2nd time Damian has made it there. I'm sure we all remember Bat-Cow.