Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SPOILERS: Batgirl #0

Barbara Gordon idolizes her father, this isn't exactly new in the New 52. So one day, she gets her father to allow her and her brother to take a tour of the police station, so she can get research for a school project she's in the middle of. But something catches Babs' eye, the room where some cops are in a meeting about Batman, with an mock up suit. As Babs watches on in wonder, she admits to herself, that's what she really came for.

Shortly after, Babs and James Jr. are asked to step aside as police escort a very large serial killer named Harry X through the station. Harry isn't a very nice guy, kills a lot of women and what not. He takes notice of Babs, and begins to speak with her, and makes some odd comments about her brother. He tells her that he's not a criminal, rather, he's a prophet, and he'd like to "train" her. Yeah, weird stuff. But as he's being hauled away, he mentions a coming plague, and on cue, a wall explodes, and many of Harry's followers show up, and light up the police station.

Harry manages to get himself free, and turns his attention to Babs and James, who he knows to be the Commissioner's children, and plans on using one of them as a hostage... key being *one* of them, as he plans to kill the other.

Babs takes James and runs deeper into the station, amidst all the chaos. She tries to slow down and think about how to get out of the situation... all the while, James takes some interest in some near by tear gas, which he begins to let out.

As Harry finds Babs, before he can do anything, the cop that was escorting her around jumps on his back, trying to protect Babs. Given the opportunity to run, Babs does the opposite... well, she runs for a second, but only to dawn the mock up Bat suit the cops had, along with some nightsticks and what not.

Babs then proceeds to kick the crap out of Harry, as a homemade Batgirl of sorts. As she finally beats him, Harry falls to the ground. Shortly after, Babs hears a voice simply say "You."

It's Batman. He looks at Babs, then at Harry, and asks if she did it, and then if it was to save the cop. Babs tells him yes, and gets a pause, followed by "Nice work" as Babs locks Harry up, and tends to the cop.

And that was that, shortly there after, Babs took up the hobby full time, creating her own costume, and helping Batman's war on crime, whether he wanted her to or not... But it turns out he did, as we also get to see her working with him and Dick Grayson.

But, Babs eventually gave it up, for reasons she doesn't want to go into. She focused on her studies, found herself a guy she liked, and more or less moved on with her life, only missing her crusading days here and there... all until one faithful night.

"Knock Knock Knock"


I really loved this issue. Sure... I would have liked to have known a little more about how Babs began to walk again, but at the same time, this served the purpose of showing us how she got into Batgirl in the first place... Serious lack of Killermoth, but I can forgive that. This book has really been on an upswell for me lately, and this has probably been my favorite issue yet.

Ed Bene's art was fantastic, and not a single out of place ass shot! No, but really, for the most part, his art was on point, and I loved the page that was only colored from his pencils, summing up Babs' time as a solo crusader. The spread of her, Bruce and Dick? Yeah, guess what panel I'm picking this week?


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  1. What a wonderful issue! I'm so glad you liked it too! This series is amazing!