Thursday, September 20, 2012

Panels of the Week, 09/20/2012

Panels time! As per usualy (lately, at least) I'm not a fan of the current art in Catwoman, at all... so don't expect a panel from this week's issue.

Nightwing #0: Barrows really killed it on this issue. Lots of great looking art on every single page, but this final pages was really just striking to me, minus the sort of cliched "this is the future!" Dick Grayson watching over it from the sky.

Birds of Prey #0: Can't say that this book lacks action. Romano Molenaar's first issue was a strong one, and I'm looking forward to this book even more now, each month.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #0: Sure, I didn't like the scene at all, but that doesn't mean Brett Booth didn't do a hell of a job drawing it. It was interesting to see these pages too, being that Booth inked it himself, rather than Norm Rapmund, who's been taking care of inking Booth's stuff recently.

Batwoman #0: Honestly, any page would do. The art was spectacular in this issue, as usual. Why I chose this is 1. It's iconic of Batwoman's origin, as all hell, and 2. I love every time JH Williams III creates a contrast in two characters by drawing them in different styles.

Legends of the Dark Knight #16: Like I said in my short, albeit easy to write, post about this issue, the art was the main attraction here. Lots of panels like this, of big, bold, Batman ass kicking action.

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  1. It's funny how different thing appeal to different people. I too love that page from Nightwing #0 but BECAUSE of Nightwing in the background.
    As for Batwoman #0? 100% agree with you. I absolutely love how Williams changes style mid-issue, mid-page and even mid-panel!