Thursday, September 6, 2012

Panels of the Week, 09/06/2012

The final Tony Daniel Batman work (for awhile, at least), some embarrassing parents, and more in this week's Panels of the Week!

Detective Comics #0: This isn't exactly a subtle final page, but damned if it doesn't look awesome, and drive the point home this issue was trying to make. And hell, I certainly hope this is Tony Daniel, because once again Pere Perez was credited with additional art, and I couldn't tell until I read the credits, so once again... the master blending artist at work.

Detective Comics #0: The decision to not have Alfred say anything, while catching Bruce off guard is what makes this panel work so well. Also... bearded Bruce Wayne is awesome. Batman should always have a beard, just saying.

Batwing #0: I have a feeling a lot of my favorite panels this month will be last pages, just based on the format of these zero issues. I love the "it's a start" line from David. Just a tad bit arrogant, but deservingly so.

Worlds' Finest #0: Okay, let's get one thing straight... "'Rents." No... just, no. While I'm not as young as Helena is supposed to be in this issue, I can tell you I'm a lot younger than Paul Levitz, so I feel safe in saying that no one outside of crappy multi-cam sitcoms or Disney channel shows says "'Rents." If they do, they're probably one of those kids you look at and just think "Man... you suck."  Regardless of that cringeworthy word, the execution of these few panels is just perfect, and Helena's face is hilarious.

Legends of the Dark Knight #14: The ol' switcharoo... a lot of my panels from this series seem to be Joker getting screwed. Anyways, you know how in South Park, if something sudden happens, like someone getting hit by a train, falling off a roof, or a giant John Wilkes Booth mech shooting a giant Abraham Lincoln in the head, there's this distinct short but sweet "BLREGH" sound made? That's what this reminded me of.


  1. While "rents" is really oddly used in this context, it would probably surprise you to know that there are in fact adults in real life who do refer to their parents as "the rents." Two of them happen to be friends of mine and they neither watch Disney sitcoms nor are they below the age of 23.

    1. See, I can understand the use when situations like that occur, and the people saying it are talking to other people like "I have to go to the 'rents house for dinner" or whatever. But calling the parents directly "rents" is a little too howdy-doody Hannah Montana for me.