Friday, September 7, 2012

Outside of Gotham, 09/07/2012

And, I'm back... on this series, that is, but who knows for how long... that Damian issue better impress.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on the zero issue of Worlds' Finest.

So, the basics of this issue were introduce us to bother Helena and Kara, and establish their status quo, prior to the events of Earth 2 #1, in the Apokolips War ravished world they live in. We see that it was Helena's mother (Catwoman) who got her into crime fighting, and Superman kept his cousin a secret as a back up plan so to speak. It shouldn't have shocked anyone to find out that Selina dies in this issue, after being killed by some mysterious men who she thought to be your average thug, only to be zapped by some Apokolips tech. Batman is a bit weak, and Helena in anger rushes in to find whoever killed her mother, this is where Kara meets Helena, as she was only allowed to leave her and Kal's hideout for a signal from Batman. Helena is sad, obviously, and Kara comforts her as they're soon to be BFFS.

Now, I thought this was a relative bright spot, in what I've felt has been a sea of nondescript, blah grey. It was a single issue, that told the story it needed to, and paid a little homage to the 70s origin of Helena. Kevin Maguire's art was nice, and honestly I'd rather him just do the book himself. Don't know if he can though, being that Wes Craig did some pages of this issue... and there were some weird looking heads and mouths, that's all I'll say about the fill in. But, good things aside, this wasn't anything that turned my opinion around on the title, far from it. I still get the feeling this book will just fall flat, and not live up to the maximum potential it has, Levitz's writing so far, just doesn't do anything for me. This title would be perfect for Palmiotti/Gray/Conner... but that will never happen.



  1. I love Kevin Maguire's art myself. His faces are supposed to be expressive which I guess can come off as weird to some.

    I do like the coloring though, makes it look like Frank Quietly.

  2. I second Palmiotti/Gray/Conner. The problem with Levitz' writing is an overreliance on cliches and stereotypes to drive the story that very little of what goes on actually feels organic. At least under Gray/Palmiotti they can do funny in a way that actually induces humour and Amanda Conner's pencils really bring the characters to life. If this book ever gets a new creative team, I hope they get approached.

    1. Yeah, but Conner can't do a monthly anymore. She apparently burnt herself out on Power Girl doing 12 issues. Wildly unfortunate, because she's so damn good.