Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gotham Spoilers, Moving Forward

So, ever since graduating, I've alluded to the fact there was a high possibility of my free time (mainly that on Wednesdays) to run the blog on my usual schedule could be disrupted by any potential work I recieved. Well, the day has come, as just yesterday I received a promotion that will have me working on Wednesdays (at least for now) starting on October 3rd.

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Obviously, working until six, and the commute out of DC will cut into my time very heavily, and god only knows if I'd even be able to read any of my books on the way home, so the days of reading my comics when they're released, then blogging about them ASAP are gone. On top of that, getting home late, and having to do page-for-page spoiler write ups of up to five books that late at night is beyond unappealing. So, there are going to be some changes.

My thought was to change up my spoiler posts to be more oriented towards my reviews of the issues, while still spoiling the plot. I was thinking the format would go: brief summary, good parts, bad parts, bottom line (the last three sections getting into plot details when needed). I'm sure I'm ripping off that format from some other site, but whatever. The point is to make these posts a lot easier, and less time consuming on myself. The way I do posts now just takes a long time, and it's even more apparent when you add a commute home, winding down, eating dinner, and reading the books… we're talking a 8pm start time, at best. On the other side of things, I don't want to delay my posts until Thursdays, so there has to be some compromise.

I'm thinking of testing out the new posting format with at least one of tomorrow's books (I'm thinking The Dark Knight #0) and seeing how it goes. If it doesn't work, I'll figure something out. Nevertheless, Gotham Spoilers will continue on in some way shape or form, just consider the next few weeks, or month an "experimental" phase for the site.

It had to happen sometime, getting paid trumps blogging. The fairytale is over!


  1. That sounds good to me. Congrats on the promotion. :)

  2. While I totally understand the forthcoming changes, I love your blog and will continue to follow in whatever form it takes!

  3. Agree with above, love the site and will read no matter what.