Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cover Thoughts for December 2012

Solicitations are here, and you know what that means? Time for my snap judgements on all the covers!

Talon #3: This is why I love Guillem March's art. This cover is seriously gorgeous, and Tomeu Morey did wonders on the colors. Seriously, how can you not look at this cover and say "wow?" Interesting perspective, good composition, great colors, this cover has everything.

Batman Incorporated #6: Your nice little face off cover, but you know what my favorite part of it is? Damian peeking through his fingers. Once I noticed that little detail, I fell in lover with this cover. Has a lot of personality in that one little part.

Batman #15: I'll be perfectly honest, Greg Capullo's covers are hit or miss for me. Fantastic interior artist, that's for sure, but sometimes I just don't feel the design of his covers. I get the concept, I just wish there was a bit more to it, you know? Sometimes simplicity is nice, but with an artist like Capullo, simplicity is far from what I want, which is a compliment, by the way.

Detective Comics #15: This is listed as "not final" in DC's gallery. I one, don't really believe it, and two, if so, have to ask "why the fuck not?" Seriously! This cover is fantastic! I can't wait until the week after next where we get to see 20 pages of Fabok Batman every month. Great design, and his characters look great. Love his Poison Ivy.

Batman - The Dark Knight #15: This cover is just a tad absurd, but that's why I love it. You got to figure that we won't actually see Batman and Scarecrow sit down to a game of chess (well, maybe we will, who knows) but because this is a cover, you can get away with weird images like this, and I love it for that.

Batman and Robin #15: Okay, take the issues I had with the Batman cover, and double them here. I get the concept... I do... but man is it just too simplistic. Way too much unused space. The site says this isn't a final cover either, and I hope in this case it is true, because this one needs to be filled out way more.

Batgirl #15: After the zero issue, I'm really welcoming Benes in with open arms, love the style he's bringing to this book. The cover is probably the one I found most interesting, because of the innocent image, paired with a sure to be chaotic story, I'm really intrigued as to how Simone plays this issue between Babs and Joker.

Batwoman #15: Another cover listed as not final, and I wouldn't be surprised in this case. Wonder Woman is still in this arc, and they're basing a cover off of Maggie Sawyer? That doesn't really make sense from a selling books point of view. I mean, don't get me wrong... nice image and all, just an odd choice.

Batwing #15: I like Marcus To's art in the book, but a lot of the times I just don't feel his covers. I don't know why, I just don't. I think a lot of it is he perspective, like here David's costume just looks like a big tin can. I mean, I guess there's nothing else wrong with it, just kind of awkward for me.

Birds of Prey #15: This is another cover listed as not final, and I can see that this time, at least. It looks more like a hodgepodge of characters. That said, I really like Molenaar's style. Great fit for the Birds... I just wouldn't get too attached to his Katana...

Catwoman #15: This isn't Trevor McCarthy, I'll tell you that. I've got to believe this is Rafa Sandoval, who seems will be the series new artist. I like his style, aside from the weird mouth Selina's got going there. It's like the duckface, just gone horribly wrong. Have to wonder if Nocenti's first few issues are going to be too regulated by the "Death of the Family" cross over, and this, which is quite obviously a story driven way to tie Selina to JLA (stealing from Argus, which is lead by Steve Trevor).

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15: This is a really awesome cover by Greg Capullo Brett Booth, I'm gonna say one of the best of the bunch from the "Death of the Family" tie ins. Anyone notice how Kori is pretty much fully clothed from toe to neck now? BIZZARO STARFIRE!

Nightwing #15: This is another "not final" cover, which I don't fucking believe. Dear DC, this is final. Why? Because this is fucking awesome. Potentially my favorite cover of the month. Well designed, sinister, and creepy. Barrows killed it on this one.

Suicide Squad #15: Bonus cover thought! Ken Lashley is a guy with a great style, I wouldn't mind seeing him do interiors, but I don't know if he's the kind of guy who just does covers? Regardless, his rendition of Harley has been my favorite of the New 52, and this cover is pretty telling of the "romance" between these two.

Teen Titans #15: I'm noticing a card theme to these covers... I wonder if it'll play a thematic part in these stories?! (yes, it probably will...) but another good one from Booth. It's apparently not final either, I believe? Maybe Joker's face will be filled out by the time the issue hits stores in December.


  1. I suppose I could see them filling it in on Teen Titans, but I really hope they don't fill in the black space on Nightwing's cover with the rest of the Joker's face.
    The sinister eyes and grin are terrifying left alone in the darkness as is. Seeing the rest of his face may actually make the cover look a lot worse.

  2. I totally agree with you on Nightwing, best Bat-Family cover and one of the best covers this month

  3. The Maggie cover is my favorite and JHW III explained on his site the solicit isn't quite right. He's doing some art with McCarthy and this is sort of an 'interlude' issue showing what's going on with Maggie hence the Maggie centric cover.