Friday, August 17, 2012

Stack Rundown, 08/17/2012

Doing this a day early since I don't have any "Outside of Gotham" post for today. This was another mostly Image stuff week, but nevertheless, there was a pretty damn big reveal in the final page of Wonder Woman #12 this week, and some more Geoff Johns craziness in Green Lantern.

Green Lantern #12

So, Geoff Johns keeps hammering away at his one Green Lantern story. When did this start? 2004? 2005? The better part of a decade, at least, which is pretty crazy. This week, while Sinestro and Hal dealt with a re-dead Black Hand and his zombies, yet another crazy ass premonition from the Book of the Black came, claiming Hal Jordan would be the greatest Black Lantern. Pretty heavy stuff. Elsewhere, the Guardians of the Universe have turned full heel, and are still talking about the Third Army, and getting rid of the Corps. They've been doing that for a long time now, and I wish something would happen with them, because I don't need all these scenes of the Guardians basically saying "oh we're totally going to do it, no really guys, it's going down... next issue... maybe" but other than that, I've read every page of Johns' Green Lantern epic, and I'm certainly not going to stop now. I said it a few months ago, but I'm willing to bet Hal dies in the annual coming out in two weeks.

Wonder Woman #12

You've probably heard the news that came out of this issue by now, but if not, stick with me for a bit. First of all, god damn it, I wish Cliff Chiang could do all these issues. Don't get me wrong, Tony Akins does a good job every few months, but Chiang is on a whole different level. Anyways, the god who betrayed Diana wasn't exactly unexpected, but at least it finally happened. Some interesting status quo changes happened, with Apollo taking Zeus' throne (and keeping it,) Hera becoming mortal, and of course, the baby snatching of Hermes. It'll be interesting to see how all that plays out... but you know what will be even more interesting? How the New Gods play into it. Yes, out of completely no where, in the final page of this book, a beat up looking arm sticks up from the ice, dawns his helmet and goes to places unknown via Boom Tube. Orion is back, and damn near no one saw it coming. That's a pretty huge development for the DCU, and I'm willing to bet it won't stick exclusively to Wonder Woman

Saga #6

Ask anyone who is reading Saga, and they'll tell you the same thing... it's the shit. It's just a flat out good comic. Good story, good dialogue, good art, good good good. This was the end of what I guess is the first arc (also the start of a two month hiatus, boooooo) and the book just keeps laying down layers, introducing new characters here and there. With Alana and Marko et all getting off of Cleave, and traveling into space, I'm really excited to see where the book goes. The possibilities are literally endless, and I don't think anyone can predict just what kind of crazy ass planet the title goes to next, or whatever. I seriously hope Izabel isn't dead though... I mean, she's a ghost, right? How the hell do you kill a ghost with lightning magic? Seriously... keep the wise ass ghost!

Revival #2

This is another interesting book from Image. The concept basically is, there are these beings in a small Wisconsin town called "revivers" who are essentially zombies, but not in the traditional sense. They're completely indiscernible from normal humans, so there's some weird voodoo stuff going on (not really, but just in a general term.) Some things are still being set up in the title, so it's hard to actually pin point the book's direction but it really seems like it's going to get into the sci fi mystery stuff very soon. Over all, two issues in, it's hard to make a solid judgement, but I've rather enjoyed everything so far. I picked this up basically... just 'cause, and I'm happy with my decision.

Angelus #1-6

Have I mentioned that I'm reading through most of Ron Marz's Top Cow universe stuff? Yes? Well too fucking bad, I'm gonna talk about it more. I woke up one day this week and just sat in bed with my iPad and read the whole Angelus mini series that spun out of Witchblade when Dani took over the Angelus. Like Witchblade, I really enjoyed this short series. Ron Marz did great in making me care about Dani in Witchblade, enough for me to seek out reading more about her. This was something I thought about on Twitter last night (I'm writing this on Thursday) about Ron Marz's stuff being so good, I might have ruined the rebirth stuff for me. Like... the cast of Witchblade was so good, and now it's all sort of jumbled up. I know Dani is in Artifacts and just got reunited with Finch, but that's sort of an anthology series of the Top Cow universe now, and I'd just really like to read more about her, and certain characters, but it seems I may have to wait. A few other points about these series, Jackie Estacado is great... just another reason for me to read the Accursed trades... next pay check. Finally, with all the talk I've done about this Artifacts, and Witchblade, I've failed to mention how fucking awesome Stjepan Sejic is... seriously, he does some truly breath taking digital painting for these titles. Crazy, crazy stuff.

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  1. Green lantern.. Boring! Wonder Woman... Boring! And who seriously needs the "New Gods" anyway? : P